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Michael Harvey leads God’s way

Published:Sunday | October 18, 2020 | 12:07 AMTamara Bailey - Sunday Gleaner writer

Dr Michael Harvey displays his book: ‘Leadership Matters: A Practical Professional Perspective’.
Dr Michael Harvey displays his book: ‘Leadership Matters: A Practical Professional Perspective’.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

It was not only an acknowledgement of the calling on his life why Pastor Dr Michael Harvey became a preacher of the Gospel, but it was about victory over circumstances and a realisation that it was all part of God’s divine plan.

Dr Harvey said that his life is nothing short of a miraculous transformation as he remembers clearly that at the age of 21, before being baptised, he couldn’t read.

Today, he is a proud pastor who has served his church in several leadership roles, counsellor leadership consultant, university administrator, marriage officer, and justice of the peace.

Having served the church for the past 27 years, Harvey is keen on improving and sharing ways to improve leadership in all areas.

“There is a crisis of leadership effectiveness within institutions, organisations, groups, and governments, which, if this trend continues, these entities will lose their vital influence within society. This crisis creates a very important platform to place in the hands of administrators, emergent leaders, pastors, politicians, and organisational leaders a relevant book exploring how leaders are developed, leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and leadership practices that could possibly influence effectiveness,” Harvey said.

That, he said, is one of the reasons he wrote the book Leadership- A Practical Professional Perspective, now available on Amazon.

“This book was born out of my many years of working as a pastor, departmental director, conference and university administrator, and notably, my journey towards the completion of my doctoral studies in education and leadership. It is my deliberate and intentional desire to make a meaningful contribution to the various groups mentioned above who must grapple with the science of leadership daily.”

The preacher told Family and Religion that the most difficult things he has encountered in pastoral ministry are double standards, professional jealousy, and unfair and inhumane treatment from leaders and colleagues who are bereft of emotional intelligence.

On the flip side, his most rewarding moments are preaching the gospel, witnessing lives being saved, and coaching young people who later show evidence of the impact by displaying positive character values and attitudes.

“Notably, effective leadership inspires and empowers people to realise their fullest potential by harnessing their potentials to accomplish desired goals, and that is something I want people to take from the book. It gives clear and unvarnished strategies for leadership today. Notably, it delves into relevant philosophical, emotional, and practical dimensions of leadership, logically presented in simple language to help current and aspiring leaders.

Harvey said his wish for mankind is that people will embrace the calling on their lives and act with confidence, relying solely on the sustainable strength of God.

“As a dynamic, decisive transformational servant-leader, with a ‘Can-do’ confidence, I will continue to use my passionate communication and charismatic speaking skills to motivate and inspire audiences to support noble causes while I build consensus. I am a man with an open mind and a compassionate heart. I have a genuine concern for the well-being and development of others, act with integrity and encourage critical and strategic thinking. I am fully committed to God, Church, and country, doing all I can to champion the cause of the dispossessed, discouraged, and disheartened,” he noted.