Mon | Mar 8, 2021

PNP calls for action following Auditor General’s report

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2021 | 9:19 AM
Opposition spokesperson on Labour and Social Security, Senator Dr Floyd Morris

Opposition spokesperson on Labour and Social Security, Senator Dr Floyd Morris, is calling on the Government to take decisive action following the latest Auditor General’s report, which indicates that more than $40-billion of taxpayer money is at risk of being misused.

“It is antithetical to the idea of good governance and we cannot treat this as just another nine day wonder. The Auditor General is constitutionally mandated to ensure that there is probity and transparency in government. It is disrespectful to the Office of the Auditor General and the people of Jamaica that the office repeatedly identifies transgressions in Government spending, yet no action is taken,” Morris said.

Morris called on Minister of Labour and Social Security, Karl Samuda, to lead the charge by ensuring his ministry is brought up to compliance within six months, as it accounts for more than $3.3 billion of the $40 billion under scrutiny.

“The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is responsible for the care and protection of vulnerable Jamaicans. The waste of taxpayer dollars at levels identified by the Auditor General’s report is wholly irresponsible and directly contrary to the mission of the ministry," said Morris.

He added: "The capital loss could have improved access to benefits for citizens under the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education and the pensions under the National Insurance Scheme.”

Morris was careful to remind, however, that action needed to be taken in all agencies and departments identified by the report.

“The Opposition calls on the Government of Jamaica to initiate timely and effective investigations into the ‘recurring violations of established guidelines’ outlined by the Auditor General’s report which put at risk the transparency of and trust in the financial management of government affairs,” he said.

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