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May Pen Mayor renews call for police posts in Rocky Point

Published:Sunday | January 24, 2021 | 10:18 PMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer
Mayor of May Pen and councillor for the Rocky Point Division in Clarendon, Winston Maragh.
Residents today at the crash site, where a plane made an emergency landing in Rocky Point, Clarendon. The Mexican-owned vessel is de-registered, Gleaner checks revealed.

Mayor of May Pen and councillor for the Rocky Point Division in Clarendon, Winston Maragh, has renewed a call for the establishment of police posts in the area.

Speaking against the background of Saturday evening's crash-landing of a small aircraft in Rocky Point, Maragh said the incident underscores the need for the state to station both marine and regular police in the community.

“The government  had a plan two years ago to construct a marine police post right there in that area. I would like to renew the call to the Ministry of National Security  to speed up the plans that they had to put a police post in that community as quickly as possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, mystery continues to shroud the crash.

Pointing to several videos, photographs and speculations that have emerged since the landing on White Sand Beach in Rocky Point, Maragh urged residents to give the police time to do their investigations.

The police had said that they are looking into information that two men were, allegedly, assisted from the plane when it crashed on the shore. 

The men, who appeared Caucasian, were dressed in suits, The Gleaner was told, and were assisted by residents shortly after its landing.

However, so far none of the occupants of the vessel have been found. 

Residents today also continued to go on to the crash site. 

Our news team observed several persons taking items, including equipment from the plane. However, the police were able to confiscate some items.

A resident, who was among those who went on to the site, said he had observed the aircraft flying low and alerted his friend that it appeared as if it was going to crash.

Not long afterwards, he and his friend hurriedly made their way to where the plane landed in the shallow waters of the beach.

“Everybody start move towards it here now, me and me friend, we did a run for riches. It crash and we go for something. We don't know what in it and we want know what in it,” he said.

For others in the community, it was a chance to enjoy, first hand, what being inside a plane was like.

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