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Style 180

Published:Sunday | August 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Joye Keane rocking this polka dot shorts from the '80s.
Keane shows off her laid-back classy style in this faux wrap patterned dress with a bold necklace.

We all know that fashion is a revolving wheel, so to celebrate Gleaner's 180th anniversary, Outlook is showing how fashion and style have evolved and those who have not lost their sense of style.

Joye Keane is thought of by many in the west as having a very good sense of style and is usually on trend with her wardrobe. With pieces she has kept from her earlier years, she is still able to make a statement when she enters a room.

Here is a look at Keane's style evolution.

1. Which fashion decade do you prefer and why?

I like now! It's so trendy, the styles are easier to work with and less demanding on your pocket. These days, you can colour block and mismatch and it not be a case of "what are you doing!" People wear stripes and prints and it's chic, not crazy. For example, I can wear a pair of jeans and make it into a semi-formal ensemble. Or I can have one skirt and have 10 different tops and then I end up with 10 different looks - I don't think it would have been so simple to do that years ago. Colours, pattern, styles, all work together these days and, for us, never against us.

Then there are the accessories that you can use to enhance your look. You can dress up a plain white tee shirt with a neck piece or chandelier earrings. It is so much nicer these days to get dressed, because you can play and have fun with your wardrobe.

2. How would you describe your style?

I think I have a classy but laid-back look, less is more for me. I believe, when I put myself together, it's what I describe as simply elegant. My pieces are more fluid, they move with me so I never look too stiff.

3. What is your one throwback piece that you just can't live without?

I own a rainforest-patterned ensemble. It is made of a light silk material. It's an ankle-length skirt which is worn with a camisole of the same pattern and a short sleeve button down, blouse which is worn open. I have owned this for years and, ever so often, that style of dress comes back and I go to my closet, take it out, and rock my look.

4. Which style is your fashion faux pas?

This is tough, because I like my clothes to be fluid and flow with me. I have this one look that is far from fluid - a high-collar jacket.