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Saint's Bahamas Fashion Connection

Published:Sunday | August 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM
the winner Angel Culmer Winner (centre), second-place winner Tarea Sturrup (right), and third-place winner Kelly Pierre.

Saint International is on an upward trajectory. The Jamaican fashion and media company is now poised to unveil its unique brand imprint on the global stage, starting with our Caribbean neighbours - The Bahamas.

Recently, Saint International's CEO Deiwght Peters was the chief judge and guest at the first staging of the Fashion Face of The Bahamas. The event was a collaboration between Bahamian-based Profiles 98 Magazine and Jamaican Saint International (Jamaica) Limited.

Peters told Outlook, "The strategic priorities for me (over the last 15 years) was to refine the Saint brand locally and then locate and engage trustworthy partners across the globe who can successfully franchise the various brands/properties." He continued, "I have been approached in the past for such collaborations but the timing was just not right. When Profiles 98 reached out through its Fashion Editorial Director Walter Greene, the possible synergies were clear. I immediately outlined my vision, which was quickly endorsed by the team."

The event unfolded at the historic John Watlings Distillery in Nassau, with 16 females vying for the prestigious title. Leggy and personable, 13-year-old Angel Culmer copped first place. Eighteen-year-old Tarea Sturrup and 17-year-old Kelly Pierre, were second and third place, respectively. All three girls will be sponsored by Profile 98 Magazine as finalists for the FashionFace of the Caribbean, to be held in 2015.

Peters said of his experience in The Bahamas, "it is a place of extraordinarily beautiful talent, and I am in love with the energy and vibe of the place and the people. I found the young people very articulate and positive, which are great qualities to succeed in this business. I had an amazing time."

Over the last decade and a half, Saint International has cemented its name as a leader of model discovery, development and placement. The fashion company has made household names of Canise Jackson, Nakeisha Robinson, Ashane Rose, Sosheba Griffiths, Jotasha Turnbull, Trissan Holder, Kirk Headley, Shena Moulton, Raschell Osbourne, Sam Taylor, Tafari Hinds, Kibwe Mc Gann, Colet Buckley, and Mario Miller. They have worked with some of the world's most prestigious brands, including Victoria Secrets, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs.

The agency's new generation of stars include Kai Newman, Tami Williams, Shane Guyher, Korey Rowe, Brad Allen, Shavan Fraser, and Sean Thompson.