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Style 180 Claudette Rickards

Published:Sunday | August 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Rickards always knew how to make a statement even in her 'bell-foot' pants.

Rochelle Keane, GLEANER WRITER

Every woman knows what fashions work for them and that's how they come up with their personal styles. Some believe their shoes make more of a statement than their bags, others think the colours they wear are what makes them stand out from the crowd rather than the cut of their dress.

As we continue to celebrate Gleaner's 180th anniversary, Claudette Rickards explains to Outlook the evolution of her style.

When would you say is your best fashion decade and why?

The best fashion decade would be this one. It is absolutely easier to match colours or use prints and stripes together. In previous years, making such a combination was a fashion 'DON'T'. At that time, importance was placed on matching from head to toe. I love that today you can find creative ways of putting an outfit together.

How would you describe your style?

My style is modern contemporary. I have many styles because I wear clothes that suit my shape and figure. I don't wear clothes that highlight my flaws. What I will say is, my style is all in my shoes ... my weakness is definitely my shoes! If you want to dress up or dress down any piece of clothing ... I think you should use shoes. Shoes are my accessories.

What is your one throwback piece that you just can't live without?

Again. My shoes! Because shoes do the talking for me, I have shoes dating from way back when. But my throwback piece is my red shoes. When people think that red shoes is me being outdated or old-fashioned, I could care less. You know how some people will have their little black dress or those black shoes they can never do without? I am forever satisfied with wearing red because red is my black."

Which style is your fashion faux pas?

I own a pair of big bell-foot pants with design stitches across the legs of the pants ... . Although fashion comes and goes, you are bound to find that eventually bell-foot will come back. Just because of that, I will keep them a little longer, wear them, and then decide if it is a faux pas or not.