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The ultra-convenient banking ambassador Saniah Spencer

Published:Sunday | September 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Saniah Spencer, senior manager of community banking at Jamaica National Building Society. - Contributed
Saniah Spencer gives credit to her staff across the JN MoneyShop network for its growing success. A strong believer in team effort, Spencer consults with team members Oshane Hutchinson (left), digital media officer, and Ricardo Williams, business support officer, JN Community Banking; on a business-related matter.
Saniah Spencer
Saniah Spencer

Although relatively new in her role as senior manager of community banking at the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), guiding the operations of the JN MoneyShop network, Saniah Spencer is quickly becoming the ambassador of ultra-convenient banking.

"I knew that I wanted to be successful but I was not sure about the area I wanted to work in until I had my first job experience at JNBS. And although I was given the task of filing, the overall experience along with advice from former JN Branch Manager, Marcia Lettman, solidified the direction I wanted to go in, in order to have a rewarding and fulfilling career," Spencer remarked about her entrance into the building society as a summer employee at just 15 years old.

The experience gained during her short stint became a major influence in her decision to remain in the banking world.

Her desire for excellence was a trait that was also nurtured by Spencer's parents, who consistently challenged and encouraged her as a child to perform brilliantly in all endeavours she became associated with.

"I am an only child and I must say that I am blessed with a wonderful mother and two fathers - my biological father and stepfather. They went above and beyond to ensure that my emotional, mental and physical development were always priority. They were firm in their efforts to raise a balanced child and did not spare the rod and this I know impacted on the person I am today," said Spencer.

Spencer returned to JNBS in 2002, and eager to make her mark in the business world, she officially began her tenure in the banking halls at the Half-Way Tree branch as a teller. Later, she was promoted to member service representative in 2004.

Subsequent to her promotion, she was transferred to the Community Banking Department, as the marketing and development officer, with responsibility to create and devise marketing plans for the MoneyShop network in 2007.

"I had to draw on my creativity to transform ideas and concepts in very innovative ways," she revealed. "However, I love to contribute to the creative process, and I was raring to go when I joined Community Banking, because the JN MoneyShop model was still relatively new."

Her track record and unique flair in communicating ideas resulted in her being elevated to operations and development manager; and, recently, to senior manager.

A past student of St Andrew Technical High School and the Northern Caribbean University, Spencer says her current position continues to fulfil her ambition to serve in a capacity that impacts on nation building through the provision of and accessibility to well-needed financial resources.

"I am very passionate about playing a role in nation building, and serving in this position allows me to contribute to the social and financial development of our members through this easy and convenient style of banking," Spencer affirmed.

As the champion behind the JN MoneyShop force, Spencer emphasises teamwork and credits her staff members for being instrumental in her journey, as well as influential in the growing success of the network.

"I believe in teamwork and building staff morale to galvanise the synergies of staff members. When staff members are motivated, it increases their performance and improves the experience for customers and members," the senior manager articulated.

Buoyed by her youth and enthusiasm,
Spencer is consistently guided by the conviction that the JN MoneyShop
concept can meet the needs of its potential customers and members of
Jamaica National.

Tasked with leading the growing distribution
channel of JNBS, Spencer says she continues to apply her innate drive to
adeptly carry out her core duties.

"I am
self-motivated and I continuously challenge myself to exceed
expectations. I am very committed and believe firmly that I am
responsible and accountable for my actions and performance; and this has
motivated me to always do my best in order to accomplish personal and
work objectives," she shared.

Acknowledging that her
professional life consumes a major part of her life, Spencer confessed
that it is imperative to carve out some 'me' time to

"I like to spend some down-time with my
family. I am more inclined to stay home and watch my favourite
television shows. But, I also like to go out of town to enjoy the
country scenery," she relates.

Another growing
interest she recently developed is lime farming. Leaving the corporate
world behind, she travels to the hills of St Mary on weekends, where she
enjoys the rewarding and therapeutic context, tending to her crop and
being at one with nature.

"I was introduced to farming
by a friend; and since then, it is an activity I enjoy doing. I look
forward to going to the lime farm. Because it is up in the cool hills of
St Mary, I get to relax after my farming duties; eat fruits and
vegetables, and relax by a river. Those activities rejuvenate me for the
next workweek," she maintained.

Carrying out her
duties in a highly service-driven industry, Spencer keeps a calm and
cool persona and is the voice of confidence as she advises clients about
the perks to be derived from banking in the ultra-convenient style of
the JN MoneyShop.