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What animal are you?

Published:Sunday | September 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Reporter

Outlook Magazine challenged our readers to channel their inner animal. We asked: If you were an animal, which one would you be? Here is what a few of them had to say:

I would have to be a lioness because, like the big cat that hunts and takes care of its young, that's me, strong, go-getter and very protective of my family.  - M.H., female

I'd say I am a bear - gentle and calm most times, unless provoked. - R.W., male, 26

I'd probably be a cat because they are graceful in their own way, pretty smart, and like to sleep. - - K.A., female, 24

A gorilla - physically strong, and in terms of family values, protective and intelligent. - - D.E., male, 24

I think doves are known to carry with them good news or hope and I feel I do that for persons sometimes (or at least I try to), especially when I dance, I try to let my love or passion be expressed or shared with the audience. And my best friend says I'm graceful when I dance. So yes, I would say a dove. - - S.G., female, 23

I would be a wolf -adaptable, loyal, warm and furry and potentially vicious.- - M.H., male, 42

I am a wolf because I multitask well. I have an innate understanding of the value of teamwork and I'm always ready to take the position of either leader or simply a member of the team. I am quick to respond to things, but only when family and friends are the ones that need defending. I demand and give absolute loyalty. I am ambitious and never shy away from hard work. A motivator - that's me. - S.C., female, 31

I would say a panther. Based on my personality, I observe and then take over. Panthers are natural-born leaders, great visionaries, excelling at the big picture while being focused and decisive. They are also bottom-line thinkers who don't want a lot of information that can confuse or muddle a decision. People-oriented, they occasionally lose patience with others, and that describes me.-  C.H., male, 27

I would be a kitten, because I love to be pampered, touched and played with, but I can scratch if I play a little too roughly. -- J.L., female, 27

I would be a horse because I am well endowed and carefree like one.-  J.F., male, 28

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