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Fiesta National de Espana: Spanish National Day

Published:Sunday | October 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
From left; Godelieve Van den Bergh, ambassador of Belgium; Paola Amadei, head of the EU delegation, and Sylvia Ruschel, deputy ambassador of Brazil, raise their glasses to the Spanish as they celebrate their National Day.
Spanish Ambassador Aníbal Jiménez y Abascal and his lovely wife and co-host for the evening, Filomena Rui
From left: Milagros Gonzalez, baby Luis Alfredo Stefan, Alicia la Paix, Alfredo Stefan and Alejandro Martin share frame.
Diplomatic talk between (from left) Argentinean Ambassador Ariel Fernandez, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Polenov; Mathu Joyini, South African high commissioner, and A.J. Nicholson, minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade.
Dressed in plaid for success is the pleasant Noelia Zamorano.
Elegantly in black and white for the special night is Ramonia Smith, president of the National Spanish Teachers' Association of Jamaica.
John Azar (left), managing director of KingAlarm Systems, provides a coordinating frame for his wife, Gabriela, in radiant red.

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

On the cool Thursday night of October 9, guests came out in their numbers to celebrate Spain's National Day with Spanish Ambassador Anibal Jiménez y Abascal. After being greeted by the ambassador and his family, guests walked into a tropical oasis at the ambassador's Norbrook residence.

Under exquisite chandeliers that hung against a backdrop of the national colours - radiant red and vibrant yellow, guests indulged in light conversation over hors d'oeuvres and fine wines and other preferred libations.

The Jamaica Military Band kept those in attendance entertained through music, and once they switched tunes to playing the Jamaican national anthem, all conversation ceased and all stood at attention in reverence, giving way to the formal proceedings of the evening.

Ambassador Jiménez y Abascal then took to the stage and offered a warm welcome. He noted that Christopher Columbus had said that Jamaica was one of the most beautiful islands he had ever seen, and he had to agree.

All who were
present listened very attentively as he relayed aspects of Spanish
history and its uniquely significant relationship with Jamaica. He noted
that Jamaica is listed as a very close friend and ally of Spain, and he
looks forward to bigger and better things from the beautiful friendship
between Spain and Jamaica.

A.J. Nicholson, minister
of foreign affairs and foreign trade, declared that Jamaica was a
Spanish possession, so the country is not indifferent to these
monumental anniversaries. He extended heartiest congratulations to the
ambassador as they commemorate this important day in Spain's

He then proceeded to raise his glass in a
toast to the occasion with shouts of !Viva España! Which was followed by
!Viva! from the crowd, a refrain repeated three times for

The band then closed off the formalities
and the mingling frenzy resumed, along with the circulation of hors
d'oeuvres, fine wines and mixed

Photos by Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer