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Culinary chat with RW ambassadors

Published:Sunday | October 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Courtney Washington
Deika Morrison
Matthew Gore
Douglas Gordon
Safia Cooper
Kaci Fennell
Warren Weir
Dr Jair Lyons
Camille Davis
Anthony Miller
Zachary Harding
Steve Marston

As the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week (RW) approaches, Outlook caught up with our ambassadors for a quick chat.

What food do you love to prepare and why?

Safia Cooper, director marketing and sales at Pulse Investments Limited:

Pasta! I love pasta. If you come to my house to eat, expect to have pasta with shrimp. I also love curry. It is a wonderful spice, full of flavour, and I enjoy cooking with it.

What was your last guilty food indulgence?

Dr Jair Lyons, Level 1 CrossFit trainer at Clinic of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy:

(LOL) Stewed peas with white rice. I really shouldn't eat this, but I felt for it and decided to go ahead. So I had a delicious plate of stewed peas recently. And I do not indulge very often.

What food gift would you give to the host of a party and why?

Matthew Gore, Modified Production 4 race car driver:

I would give them two bottles of Pinot Grigio La Gondola from Arosa and a steak meal from Robin's Steakhouse in Montego Bay, or a voucher worth $5,000-$10,000 from Miracle Corporation's Food Service Division. Why? because those are my faves.

If cost were no object, what would your dream eating trip be?

Kaci Fennell, Miss Universe Jamaica 2014:

That would have to be in France! Oh my! I would love to go and have a real, buttery French croissant.

What food gift would you bring to the host of a house you are visiting?

Deika Morrison, co-founder of Moonstone Blue Ltd, Do Good Jamaica and at Mdk Advisory & Consulting Limited:

If it is overseas, I would bring coffee or a local seasoning like curry. People overseas always appreciate those items. If it's local, I would bring a home-made dish and a store-bought dessert from one of the many pastry stores here.

Have you ever had anything you can't pronounce?

Warren Weir, 200-metre Olympian sprinter:

Oh yes! On many occasions. (LOL) I know it's chicken or beef or pork, but how it's prepared or what goes into it, I do not know. And I certainly can't pronounce the name. I just know it's meat. That's what happens when you have to travel all over the world.

What was your last guilty food indulgence?

Zachary Harding, president of The Phoenix Group, founder at Agency20seven:

Chicken piccata with marsala sauce form Pushpa's Indian Restaurant. I am a lover of Indian cuisine and they make an authentic dish.

What food gift would you gift to the hostess of a party you are attending?

Anthony Miller, media personality:

A bottle of red wine. Specifically, chante de la seve du pape.

Have you ever eaten something you cannot pronounce?

Camille Davis, actress:

No. Well, so far, I have been able to pronounce all I have eaten. I am not really the adventurous type where food is concerned and I am very particular about what goes down my stomach. I have shows six days a week, so I cannot afford to get sick.

What was your last guilty food indulgence?

Courtney Washington, fashion designer:

It's been a while, but the last time was at Devon House and I had a scoop of rum and raisin ice cream and a slice of rum cake from the bakery shop.

Where would your dream eating trip be if cost wasn't a factor?

Steven Marston, businessman:

It would have to be Tuscany, Italy. I would go to one of the Italian cooking schools where I would cook, eat, and drink. White wine, by the way.

What would your ideal picnic menu be?

Douglas Gordon, media executive:

Strawberries and cream, chicken wrap, a bottle of chilled white wine, cheese with crackers and fresh vegetables.