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Trevor Heaven celebrates

Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Oliver Daley (left) with Mikael Phillips and his lady love, Shelly Hendrickson.
Carrole Guntley (left) and mayor of Mandeville, Brenda Ramsay, out to celebrate with Heaven.
It's all smiles during man talk between (from left) John Junior, attorney-at-law and former MP of Central Manchester; businessman Errol Edwards; Trevor Heaven, and Leighton McKnight, managing partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers.
From left: Karen DeSilva, Nathan Heaven, Royanne DeSilva.
Attorney-at-law Charles Piper and his wife, Yvonne.
The gorgeous duo of Coleen and Dwight Dixon.
The Heaven family from left: Kai, Nathan, Claudine, and birthday boy Trevor.

Natalia Oh!, Contributor

It was a Sunday brunch fit for royalty, as guests were invited last Sunday (November 9) to celebrate the birthday party of Trevor Heaven. You are always guaranteed a good time when Claudine Heaven invites you over to her warm and inviting home.

Heralding the Christmas season ahead, the ambience was complete with the crisp, cool breeze that Mandeville is known for. The light early drizzle before guests arrived seemed to bless the home.

Guests were at ease in the relaxed and tranquil environment set by the serene poolside, as laughter permeated the air and new friendships were formed.

The gracious hostess had guests enthralled by musician Bunny Rose. His renditions of classical hits from Lionel Richie to top 40 favourites to Rihanna and Pink, had guests from all age groups rocking and beaming with nostalgia.

The fashionable guests donned flowing maxi dresses, printed jumpsuits, linens and autumnal colours, while the men were not to be outdone in crisp linens and appropriate boat shoes for the poolside soirée.

Guests feasted on and tantalised their taste buds with a buffet catered by the Galloping Gourmet with Chef Barrington Frater. The fare ranged from seafood to local Jamaican dishes, grilled meats, roast meats and a cold cuts/fruit station. The desserts were equally superb, as the incomparable Joanne Chin from Sweet Creations prepared an array of sweet delicacies. Heaven's favourite ice-box cake was the star of the night, and her signature passion-fruit mini cheesecake was its usual hit.

It is said that the true measure of success is shown in what others have to say about you and what other way to end the afternoon's celebration than sharing what others had to say about the man of the hour?

Mayor of Mandeville, Brenda Ramsay, tells
Outlook "It was great celebrating Trevor who is a
very warm and family-oriented individual. I'm hoping that he has many
more birthdays to come".

Carrole Guntley also noted,
"Trevor is a super gentleman who is very thoughtful. We can always count
on his support when we help the less fortunate through the Kiwanis
Club. I've known him for many years and he is a very good family

John Junor, attorney-at-law and former MP,
Central Manchester, tells Outlook, "Trevor is a
wonderful friend, very loyal, jovial, a little bit of a party animal
with a kindred spirit. We work hard and we play hard. It is lovely to
see how the children have grown and he is blessed with a wonderful

Here's to you,

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