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What's your house wearing this Christmas?

Published:Sunday | December 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

"Chrissmuss a come, mi waan mi wall paint,

Chrissmuss a come, mi want a new drape,

Chrissmuss a come, mi want a new suite,

Chrissmuss a come, wey di money deh fi dweet!"

(To the tune of  Christmas a come mi waan mi lama)

A festive season - where we all get that warm and fuzzy feeling, where folks are a little nicer and children are ohhh so happy. We all look forward to Christmas tree lighting, concerts, carolling and entertaining friends we haven't seen in a while. Christmas decorating is always a staple, with the Christmas tree being the centre of attention.

So the house needs its annual fix-up and cleaning, painting, landscaping are the order of the day. Maybe getting a new living room or dining set along with curtains is already part of the plan. That's all well and good if you have a dedicated bank account earmarked 'Christmas Fix-Up'. But if you don't, like most of us, then what do you do?

Not to worry, DeZign Diva to the rescue and, in the true spirit of 'tun you han mek fashin', here is a guideline for low-budget big-impact changes.


Poinsettias scream Christmas! So there should be a poinsettia at your front door or in your entrance foyer.

If painting is in the plan and you are mulling over cost, go to your favourite paint store and ask for 'oops paint'. These are containers of paint that have been mixed incorrectly, at a now significantly reduced cost. I guarantee that you will be able to find a colour that you can use. Should the quantities not be enough for an entire space, do an accent wall!

Dress your sofa with festive pillows. Go to your favourite fabric store and get a yard or two of holiday dress fabric, like sequins, and make pillows!

Get a glue gun and hot-glue decorative trim to your existing window treatment for an instant WOW!

For an amazing dining-table centrepiece: get a table runner, five assorted wine glasses in shape and size, four assorted pillar candles, Christmas tree ornamental balls and cardboard. Cut the cardboard the size of the opening of each of the glasses. Position the runner in the centre of your dining table. Put the Christmas ornaments in the glasses then cover the mouth with the cardboard. Invert the wine glasses and place in the centre of the table on top of the runner. Now, top it off with the pillar candles on what is now the top of the inverted glass. You will not believe the statement that this will make.

How about reimaging an old dresser? Lightly sand, apply some primer, and then spray-paint a coordinating colour to your window treatment, bedding or sofa on to the dresser. Wrap the drawers with fabric or spray-paint the drawers another colour. Then change the hardware.

Hang ornamental balls from a chandelier with fishing line. Christmas ribbon can be used to wrap doors, adorn pillows and dining chairs.

In the meantime, happy decorating, and always have fun while doing it!

Contributed by Karen Booker, owner and creative director of Karen Booker Design Group, located at 123 Constant Spring Road, 931-9556.