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It Runs In the Family

Published:Sunday | January 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

It runs in the family

For years, I was teased about my knock knees, and, while it hurts, I soon found out I was not alone. I didn't have to look far, since the originator was none other than my grandfather, who proudly wore an even greater version. He explained that, even though I had been ridiculed for the difference in my legs, it was a badge of honour, a mark that bonded us both. Today, I walk with pride, and when anybody says anything about my knock knees, I smile and say, "I got it from my Papa".

For every characteristic existing within an individual, there is an older or younger family member displaying relatable physical and personality qualities. Outlook caught up with a few persons who shared their story of the similarities running in their family:

The Henry Family

The six member family looks alike and even rocks a similar lock style. They are also water lovers and lover of the outdoors and animals. The daughters adopted their father's impatience and their mother's kindness, while the entire family is very artistic.

The Adair Family

The family of five has a distinct facial shape, particularly in the nose, and melts hearts with their warm smiles. Apart from that, "We are all pretty family-oriented and caring, very gentle spirits, but very competitive. We also love to read, love music, and singing. But for us, family is everything," explained Kamille Adair-Morgan.

Elizabeth Blake and Krystle Taylor

This mother-daughter duo prides themselves on not only being family, but best friends as well. According to the mother Elizabeth, "My daughter is like my doppelganger. It is normal for folks to do a double take when we are together because we look so much alike. At 23 years old, she reminds me so much of my younger self. Apart from sharing similar mannerisms, we love fiercely; never back down from an argument and are both vested in friendships and are hesitant to give up on others."

Maricia Morgan and La Quaine Hurd

This mother and son pair grew over time to become twins. Their beauty and similarity however, is not only skin deep. They are both smart, ambitious, cautious, loving, kind, caring, displaying both fun yet humble personalities.

The Johnson Family

These three handsome men carry a distinct Johnson nose. Separate and apart from that, they are decisive, go-getters, gregarious, outgoing and argumentative.

What family traits so you recognise in your family? Let us know.