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Fun-filled Salsa night

Published:Sunday | February 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Xiomara and Toni Walker caught in the frame of love at the Latin American Women's Club pre-Valentine's Day Wine and Cheese Party on Friday February 13.
Germania Garcia - Nelson (left) and Yohany Yap were caught on the dance floor grooving to the Latin beats.
Lady in red Camile Torres flanked by Evelyn Lopez (left)and Karlene Fung.
In celebrating the season of love, our lens caught Kenny Benjamin planting one on the cheek of his partner Aloima Suarezl.
Camile Torres caught on the dance floor
From left Rosario Blaser, Irene Palving, Kenny Benjamin, Aloima Suarez and Jurg Blaser are all smiles for our camera.
Bert Van Selm sandwich by his wife Joanne (Left) and Anne-Pascale Krauer Muller.
From left Ueli Bangertar honorary consul of Switzerland, Fritz Messerli, Factory manager, Nestle and his wife Bettina.

It was a fun-filled salsa night at the Montgomery Road residence of security conglomerateur Kenny Benjamin. The Latin American Women's Club took over his Stony Hill residence for their first fundraiser for the year - a Valentine's Day wine and cheese party - one day before the actual day.

With the organisation's aim to help the less fortunate, it was a great way to spread the love. This year's funds will be donated to the St Patrick's Foundation, Missionaries of the Poor, St Monica's Leper's Home, SOS Children's Village, and RISE.

Guests mingled as they threw their heads back in laughter, exchanging greetings and hugs and kisses over glasses of vino as they took in the beautiful view of the city below. As CD Master filled the night with Latin beats, it was difficult for guests to keep still.

The buffet consisted of an impressive spread of cheeses which ranged from mild Cheddar to goat, Gouda, Brie and Gloucester, red Leicester, with everything in between. This was complimented by mini patties, grilled chicken, mini burgers, among other delectable offerings.

To wash it all down, the very best vino - from quality wines such as Los Arboles Chardonnay Chenin, to sparkling, premium sparkling and ultra premium such as Navarro Correas Alegoria Gran Reserva Malbec.


Gate Prize


While the night was about giving towards a worthy cause, it was also a night to reward those who gave. Veronica De Bonilla won the gate prize of a gift certificate for dinner for two at the Spanish Court Hotel.

It was an evening to remember for those who attended as they danced the night away under the stars.