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Kelli’s Hope Starts a Foundation

Published:Sunday | February 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM

It is very difficult to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel, but Kelli Thompson discovered a silver lining among cancerous clouds after using good, old-fashioned herbs to go a long way medically assisting her in the fight against the disease.

Thompson had been facing the dreadful music for quite some time, but sang happy tunes in her later years of existence, growing to become one of the brand ambassadors and spokespersons for Timeless Herbal Care Limited, a company geared towards helping cancer victims, like Thompson, effectively cope with the disease by utilising natural resources they make available to them.

In raising awareness on necessary treatment accessible to cancer patients, Thompson shed some light on the personal struggles faced. Even though Thompson went to meet her maker at the tender age of 28 years, her passing would not go in vain. In honouring her memory, paying special respect to her work with the company decided to continue the fight and create an organisation dedicated to the cause of cancer awareness, prevention, early detection and treatment. They named it the Kelli's Hope Foundation.

The foundation's official launch held in the form of a press conference took place two Fridays ago at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Chief operations officer of Timeless Herbal Care, Lloyd Tomlinson, spoke volumes of Thompson's personality: "Kelli was a brave, vivacious, strong, young lady with great potential - a true motivation for all. Timeless Herbal Care Ltd is proud to have been associated with her for the short time we shared."

Chairman of the foundation and chief executive officer of the Timeless Herbal Care, Courtney Betty, also noted: "We at Kelli's Hope Foundation know that to win the fight against cancer, we must increase cancer education and screening in undeserved communities."

The mission and vision of Kelli's Hope Foundation is to create hope for those facing a similar fight. Jamaica still has a long way to go within the medical field and the foundation is a just a baby step towards urgently addressing that situation. The foundation endeavours to partner with local and international health groups with shared missions and work assiduously in diminishing the emotionally burdensome side effects which comes with cancer, while providing help, support, education and screening resources to detecting it from its initial stage.

They are encouraging private and public sectors, as well those who are interested, to invest in such a worthy cause. If not for others, then for selfish reasons since it may hit home. "Donations of cash kind and time from our partners and supporters will enable us to expand our reach into communities with a disproportionate cancer burden, provide services to encourage cancer prevention, early detection and early treatment, so we may, ultimately, save more lives," Betty asserted.

While many took to the platform to laud Thompson for the exemplary work she had done in such a short period, describing her as a beautiful, amazing and articulate leader and a remarkable woman, the most moving speech came from her father, who relayed just how much fight she had within her, despite being in tremendous pain.

In speaking of her pain, he revealed that it wasn't until receiving the herbal remedy that she was able to sleep through the entire night. He was happy to relate that the last two months of his daughter's life was by far the happiest. He thanked the foundation giving her life a start in the right direction.

The foundation intends to institute a support hotline for cancer victims like Kelli as well as work in making arrangements with their medical affiliates to start a subsidised screening service.

For more information on what the foundation has to offer and how you can become a part of the movement, please contact:

Timeless Herbal Care Limited

Suite 31A New Kingston Business Centre,

5 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5

876.754.2121 Jamaica

416.907.0973 Canada