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Campari Calender Launch

Published:Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 11:01 PM
These stilt walkers do things on stilts you shouldn't do with both feet firmly planted on the ground.
How low can you go under fire? An experienced member of the fire eating group Stars Incorporated demonstrates.
Its all smiles and good vibes from (from left) Viktor Karkus, Claudia Delmar and Paul Marshall at the Campari calendar launch at Coconutz Cantina in Rodney Bay St Lucia.
Lets dance the night away. Wray and Nephew's Sophia Bernard-Fairman, marketing manager, Fortified Wines & Liqueurs and Export Director Mark Nelson invade the dance floor.
St Lucian Paul Marshall and his beautiful Jamaican wife Margaret are all smiles for our camera.
Ugo Firorenzo is all smiles with the beautiful Daina Lambert.
It's Campari in hand for Sashae Leon and Hans Neven.
Carlos St. Omer, Campari regional manager at Chef Robbie at the Campari calendar launch.
Wray and Nephew's Alison Moss-Solomon followed the dress code to a T- talk about Campari inspired.
Campari is a part of St Lucian culture they have it any and everyway.

On Friday, February 20, a contingent of Caribbean nationals descended on the beautiful island of St Lucia to paint the country red, in more ways than one.

Coconutz Cantina in Rodney Bay became a sea of red as guests stuck to the dress code for the highly anticipated Caribbean launch of the 2015 Campari Calendar, featuring gorgeous French actress and model Eva Green. Shots from the calendar lined the walls, and many guests took the opportunity to have their photo snapped next to the picture featured on their birth month. Nobody would have felt short-changed, as the calendar girl is simply stunning in all the photos, highlighting the various ways to enjoy Campari, from having it with soda to more adventurous cocktails for any occasion. A year of fun and beauty is what the calendar predicts for 2015.

There was no question where the place to be in Rodney Bay was that night, as music from the Campari event energised the venue and pulsated throughout the town. Guests were greeted with an invigorating Campari cocktail upon entry, ensuring the party started early and continued into the wee hours of the morning.

Skillful stilt walkers helped create a festive atmosphere, doing things on stilts that most would struggle to achieve with two legs planted firmly on the ground. They jumped around on one stilt and held each other's 'leg' in a congo line like format. The onlookers were entranced.

The party really heated up when fire-eaters Stars Incorporated took to the stage. Their performance was, literally, sizzling, with everyone packed in so close, you could smell the fuel and feel the heat. Dancing to calypso and soca, they left jaws hanging as they did the limbo (of course with the stick on fire and going under in doubles). More than once, you were tempted to hide your eyes in fear of impending doom, but these dancers are the best at what they do and their performance proceeded incident-free and excitement-packed.

Why St Lucia? Per capita, the tiny island is the largest consumer of Campari in the world. As senior marketing director at J. Wray & Nephew Ugo Fiorenzo noted in his very short address, Campari has become part of St Lucia's culture. The St Lucians Outlook spoke with have Campari every and any way - straight, on the rocks, with brandy and condensed milk combined, with beer, with evaporated milk. According to one woman we asked, "It's good rum medicine". Some women even claim it helps with menstrual cramps. Fiorenzo ended by urging guests to "Drink responsibly, but drink Campari".

To close the night, the band Prodigy took to the stage. They were a breath of fresh air, opening their act with MAGIC!'s So Rude, before moving into some Maxi Priest hits. After their set, it was time to do what we in the Caribbean are known for - dancing the night away.