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Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Dr Luz Longsworth

It's International Women's Day, and Outlook takes the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary women in Jamaica and the world over. The ones who have worked hard to have their voices heard and their worth acknowledged. All the women below have made us proud and are well-known for their accomplishments. But, today we show you another side of these remarkable women. Join us as we elevate, celebrate and show that we appreciate our women. 



Janice Allen, regional director, Jamaica and the Caribbean, Jamaica Tourist Board


A business development and marketing executive with over 15 years experience at the managerial level helping organisations in the Tourism telecoms and creative arts industries optimise their marketing investments and achieve their business development objectives. She also has a history of success in managing brands and public relations implementing marketing and advertising campaigns negotiating sponsorship and delivering events. Extensive business expertise in securing and prioritising resources and mobilising teams to deliver on strategic and tactical plans.


(1) What is your Favourite Food?


My favourite food is very Jamaican, something I must have every Christmas morning - corned pork. (I) Love it with ackee and some boiled bananas and cornmeal dumplings. I do enjoy having a steak every now and then, but I have to say my love is corned pork. Not the most healthy, so I try not to have it too often.


(2) Most Embarrassing Moment?


I am still embarrassed by it so I can't say. But I will add that when your friends are as wonderful as mine, you can live through that oh so embarrassing moment ... oh, they saved me!!


(3) What is your greatest achievement?


I haven't yet achieved my greatest. I am working on it. I have made some great strides over the years and being at one with who I am and comfortable in my own skin is probably at the top of the list at this time. It gives a certain glow.


(4) One thing most persons don't know about you?


Most people think I am an extrovert, but I am, in fact, an introvert. I get more energy from my alone time and I recharge by moments of solitude. My job requires me to be very outgoing and so when I am not at work, I am usually at home, recharging. I promised for 2015, I would make some adjustments and, so far, I think I am doing well.


(5) If you could have one super power what would it be?


I would want to be invisible. To hear what people really say when I am not seen in the room. I believe I would have a good laugh hearing the real deal. Or maybe not...


(6) Most memorable place you've visited?


Italy. My sister and I backpacked with some friends many moons ago, and we experienced some wonderful hospitality from some simple Italians after we got lost. We took the train from Rome to Napoli (or so we thought) and we ended up in some remote place (we would call country). But a lovely woman on the train saw that we were in distress and she told us, in broken English, to get off at her stop and she would take us home, cook for us and put us back on the right path to Rome. Well we figured we were in Rome and when in Rome... We went home with her and experienced an amazing example of true hospitality, amazing pasta with fresh Parmesan cheese and a salad to die for. The woman went all out and it was just lovely. The woman of the house, as we called her "mama" gave me an espresso pot as a parting gift and today I still use it, and every time I do, I recall that memory with great fondness.


(7) If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?


I would change unkindness. Unkindness is seen in how we speak to each other, how we treat our environment, even how we drive on the roads. If we could just become a kinder people, so many things would be different and I believe more of us would smile more and stress less. Sounds simple, but I believe it is at the heart of it all.


(8) If you were not in your current position what would you be doing?


I believe I would be a teacher. It is so important to impart knowledge and use one's life as an example for others. As I have got older, I have become more patient and I believe that helps to make a good teacher. Someone who is patient and willing to put in what is required so that the next person can learn and be even better than they first imagined.


Isiaa Madden-Brownie - Architect, farmer and managing director of the Dovecot of St James Cemetery,


Isiaa Madden-Brownie, is renowned for being the local consulting designer for all five RIU resorts on the island.

Her job spans designs on the world famous, Rick's Cafe, Negril; Montego Bay's newest resorts, Playa's Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara, and several homes in the fabulous Montego Freeport. Madden-Brownie studied Architectural and Planning at Howard University, in Washington, D.C., where she graduated with honours.

(1) Pizza, chocolate, Pepsi

(2) Can't recall, not easily embarrassed

(3) Having and raising two healthy children so far!

(4) I run marathons! Yes 26.2 miles! Completed five so far. Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, and Miami

(5) To instill spirituality and faith in everyone. Sounds corny, but it would be powerful if everyone lived in grace.

(6) Maldives ... complete serenity!!! Brought me right back down to nature!

(7) Negativity ... positive vibes at all times creates unity, peace, and contentment. Just be aware, unafraid, realise your potential and just go for it!

(8) Just where I am! The position I am in is exactly where I am suppose to be! It's God who leads me. He brought me to where I am now. I am eager to find out where else He's going to take me next! Have lots on my bucket list!

One of them is planning to learn to play the drums! Maybe I should join a band! Lol! Who knows? Another is to do a handstand pose in my yoga practise! Scary!! Let's see!


Dr Luz Longsworth


Dr Luz Longsworth was born in Venezuela of a Jamaican mother and a Venezuelan father. She grew up in Jamaica, attending Holy Childhood High School. She holds a BA in Spanish and French from the University of the West Indies, Mona, which she achieved with first class honours. She also holds a master's degree in Hispanic studies from Queens University in Canada, an MBA from the UWI, Mona, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, with a speciality in Higher Education Management.

Her passion is education and training and she believes that education is the most empowering force in the world. Dr Longsworth has led the UWI Mona Western Jamaica Campus, Montego Bay, since August 2012, and has recently been appointed acting principal for the UWI Open Campus, headquartered in Barbados. She will take up the post in May of this year.

(1) Chocolate!

(2) I was asked to read a lesson at a friend's wedding and when I got to the lectern, the Bible was not bookmarked at the lesson. I spent five minutes searching for St Paul's Letter to the Corinthians and couldn't find it! Very embarrassing for a church-going girl!

(3) I don't think I have done it yet. But my greatest achievement to date is having two absolutely wonderful human beings who call me 'mummy' but who can count on me also as a friend and mentor.

(4) I write poetry all the time.

(5) Teleportation!! The ability to move from place to place in a FLASH. I could get so much more done if I didn't have to wait in traffic, lines, airports, planes etc. Just "beam me up, Scotty"!

(6) The Maya temple ruins in Belize at Xunantunich are particularly memorable. I was astounded at the ability of those ancient people to build such solid and lasting structures without all the technology that we now boast. When you visit these ruins, you can still feel the energy of that civilisation.

(7) I would love to have the power to ensure that everyone on this planet could have a full education to as high a level as they wish without any cost. After 30 years in education, I can truly say that the one thing that can transform people is education. I have seen the light that goes off in students eyes when they learn something that just opens their minds and their spirits to a new idea. That is totally priceless, and I would wish that for every single human being.

(8) An actress or a model or a dancer! LOL! That's what I wanted to be when I was 12! Seriously, though, I would want to be involved with education in some way, so I would perhaps be working in some sort of international organisation like UNICEF or UNESCO where I could contribute to the field of education and the development of young people here in Jamaica and the world.