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Getting To Know Novlet Green-Deans

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Novlet Green-Deans

Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Health Foundation and the EHF Resource Development Limited Novlet Green-Deans isn't a stranger to the spotlight. With more than 23 years of general management under her belt, not does she have a full plate in managing Eden Gardens Wellness & Lifestyle Limited and R & D Commercial Holdings Limited, parent company to Pelican Publishers and Biotech R & D Institute, but she balances it all as a devoted mother, wife, and friend. In honouring International Women's Day, Outlook decided to share the woman behind the CEO. Join us in getting to know Novlet Green Deans:

1. Japanese cuisine! More specifically, salmon tempura roll.

2. About six years ago I was on a flight en route to Florida. All was well until the plane hit an air pocket. It felt like the turbulence lasted for at least 10 hours and the plane was falling from the sky. I never realised the sound I heard was actually my screams, until the passenger next to me hugged me and used her cheek to cover my mouth. When it was all over, she asked if it was the first time I was travelling. I trembled uncontrollably, to the point where I could not respond.

3. My greatest achievement was to have successfully pursued my educational endeavours and training; worked full time; raised a family; and maintained my sanity - all simultaneously. Persons have commended me on having kept it together, in this regard. The truth is, I never had a choice. It had to be done.

4. I am an introvert who loves country and western music.

5. I am risk averse and so I am not one of those individuals who will jump in and swim. I like to test the waters, know exactly what I am getting into and explore all the options, before I decide. However, most times I do not have the time to research and explore my options before, so my preferred super power would be to know the outcome before my decisions are made-see into the future.

6. A couple years ago, I visited Lucerne, Switzerland and that was one of the first times in a long time that I functioned at a much slower pace than I usually do. I relaxed in peace and tranquillity and took time out to notice (and was amazed) by nature and its beauty. What was most memorable was how free and safe I felt. I walked for miles, got lost a couple of times, and never worried once about being mugged or harassed.

7. I wish I had the power to eliminate radicalism from this world. I was always averse to extremes, irrespective of its form. I do believe that "we should stand for something or we will fall for anything". However, our stance should not be so rigid and extreme, where it leads to war and or loss of life. As cliche as it sounds, I believe that we could solve so many of our problems and conflicts if people talked to each other more and if we were more tolerable and more respectful of all differences (opinions, cultures, race, religion et al).

8. An attorney. Over the last couple of years, my interests have expanded to include the discipline of law. I am now intrigued by legal frameworks and different possibilities, in a structured way, governed by specific parameters and systems of rules. Hopefully, someday I will pursue a course of study in Law - not to formally practise in a court of law, but just to be exposed to that discipline.