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Getting to Know Thalia Lyn

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The always elegant Thalia Lyn.

Thalia Geraldine Lyn, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Island Grill chain of fast food restaurants since 1991, is known for her philanthropic endeavours.

Lyn serves as a member of the NCB Foundation, the St Patrick's Foundation and the Mustard Seed Communities. In 2004, she was appointed as Jamaica's Consul General to the United Kingdom of Thailand.

1. Just about anything my husband, Michael, cooks - he's a great chef and shops weekly at Coronation Market. I prefer grilled tenderloin, it's the perfect temperature, pasta al dente every time and veggies crunchy.

2. Can't think of one (and I'm sure there were many) so I'm either getting Alzheimer's or they're not worth agonising over so I've deleted them.

3. Hands down, my four grandchildren - Matthew, Annabella, Maximillian and Mimi.

4. I can tell you two - I get stage fright and I can't reverse (literally and figuratively).

5. To aggressively broker peace and fight terrorism.

6. National Museum in Taiwan - I've never seen so many beautiful artefacts and artwork in one place.

7. Equality for women. Because I'm a woman, naturally. Seriously, because given the opportunity, women would BE THE CHANGE.

8. A horticulturist - I love my garden.