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Getting to Know Kelly Tomblin

Published:Monday | March 2, 2015 | 4:41 PMJody-Anne Lawrence
Kelly Tomblin

When it comes to being a dynamic woman, Kelly Tomblin hits the mark, she is a wife and mother, which is a full-time job in itself. However, Tomblin has a colossal task as CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, one that she handles with poise and grace. In support of International Women's Day, it is time to get to know this phenomenal woman on a more intimate level.

1. It changes from time to time. I tend to like spicy food: Ackee is my favourite now and I love it with cabbage. For a treat, I love Tutti Frutti's frozen yogurt (a fellow West Virginian girl).

2. Wow ... how to choose! One that stands out - many years ago, I had my now 17-year-old in the office when he was a few weeks old breastfeeding before a meeting. The meeting time came (and I hate to be late) so I hastily put him down and ran to the meeting. Let's just say that I had not mastered the buttons on my business breastfeeding dress yet.

3. In earlier years, I would have said my children, of course, but even apart from that, I am now most proud that I live by my own rules and I have let go of meeting some external standard. I march to my own drums, I speak my own truth. I have found beauty in the world even when it is not pretty.

4. Well that one is hard. Everyone knows a lot. I am pretty much a 'what you see is what you get girl.' I love Chronixx; I go barefoot all the time. (not related)

5. The ability to control, generate or absorb water - like Thor. The next world scarcity will be water. I would like to prevent it or shape shifting. I like to fit in to all environments.

6. Great Wall of China, it reminded me of our sense of separateness and how futile and harmful it can be. I am a big fan of John Lennon's Imagine there's no country.

Also, the great pyramids of Egypt. They stand as a testament that there is universal intelligence to tap into.

7. Poverty, prosperity and scarcity thinking - you can't be creative or peaceful when you are hungry. We can't build prosperity in a sea of poverty.

8. I would love to run Omega, the Institute dedicated to mind, body and spirit. I love Elizabeth Lesser.