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'2 Opposites Collection'

Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The Golden Glam statement piece adds glitz and glamour to Monique Amelya's marilyn munroe inspired tulle skirt paired with a white cropped top.
The Vintage chic statement piece hugs Monique Amelya's collar as she sports a 'Kimora' Wide Leg Sheer Romper.
Ashley Smart relaxes in a 'Koko' velvet dress with a Cleopatra Gold necklace accompanied by the steam punk classic bracelet.
A cleopatra with red ruby statement piece compliments Alexia B pink and white stripe plunging maxi dress.
Olinthea Ashmeade sits by the pond rocking her 'Silver Pyramid' statement piece - wearing a 'Cindy' mesh cover-up paired with black and white vertical high waist pants.
'Diamante collar inspired black' statement piece sits fashionably on the collar of Alexia B in a 'Keira' Dress featured cape-inspired ruffles.<\n>

Elegant and sophisticated are just two of the words often used to describe someone who is wearing one of the statement collar necklaces from 2 Opposite Collection.

A year ago, these one-of-a-kind pieces were introduced to the Jamaican landscape bringing life to any simple outfit - giving it that extra umph.

Hannah Sheree one of the two founders and owners of 2 Opposites Collection, told Outlook that the collection spoke to her. "I am inspired by the freedom of self-expression through fashion, it is a

work of art that should be worn with confidence." She also stated that the name, 2 Opposite Collection came about because two different personalities came together to make masterpieces. Sheree's outgoing, spunky, vivacious personality - simple, yet striking, mused with her business partner, Simone Hewitt's loud, bold, elegant, and classy persona. So it's two women, two opposite styles, one amazing collection.

Jamaican born, Hewitt, now resides in Florida as a virtual certified instructor who trains customer service and retention representatives for several companies, while operating her necklace business on the side. She said she has always been unique in her styles, "You know everyone thinks that they have a sense of style. I enjoy out-of-the-box designs and things, I love big items, bold pieces, art almost. Your body is like moving art, why not have fun with it," she concluded. The two pour all their inspiration into the designs that are made overseas and shipped to Jamaica. Sheree noted that 2 Opposite Collection is created for the bold, confident woman who is not afraid to be the centre of attention."

Check out their Facebook page 2 Opposite Collection. Email: or call (876) 391-377 Hannah Sheree.

Or visit 2 OPPOSITES COLLECTION and Ms Jaye Design Studio Line at NuEGO Fashion and Lifestyle Oasis at Shop 2, 30A Constant Spring Road (beside Popeye's)

Hot outfits were provide by House of Ms. Jaye. Designer: Jaye-Ann 'Ms. Jaye' O'Connor. Email: and contact (876) 322-1112

Makeup made and provided by Dianne Plummer of True Shade - Tel: 872-8812, email:,


Monique Amelya

Saint International: Alexia B, Olinthea Ashimeade and Ashley Smart