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Guardian Life Limited showcases excellence in action

Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Claudette Rickards Guardian Life Agent of the Year pose with former prime minister P.J. Patterson, (left) and Eric Hosin, president of Guardian Life at the Guardian Life Limited's 15th annual awards at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston last Friday.
Alan Rickards, president All Island Jamaica Cane Farmers Association shares a phot op with his wife, Claudette Jackson-Rickards Guardian Life Agent of the Year.
Top awardees (from left) Pauline Givans-Whitter for Branch of the Year, Trafalgar; Claudette Jackson-Rickards, Insurance Advisor of the Year and Annett Lennon, Employee of the Year.
Cheryl Stewart and Fitzroy Brown smile radiantly ahead of the awards ceremony.
Caught in hearty laughter are (from left) Nicole Aiken-Pinnock, captain of the Jamaica Sunshine Girls; Marva Bernard, president of Netball Jamaica and Eric Hosin, president of Gaurdian Life Limited.
Simone Henry and Eric Hosin are caught in a light moment.

As the Grand Ballroom suite of The Jamaica Pegasus got filled with chatter and laughter, for the prestigious red-carpet affair - Guardian Life Limited's (GGL) 15th Annual Awards - guests were all anxious to reel in the day's proceedings.

Chaired by the amicable Fae Ellington, the programme flowed smoothly with words of inspiration and quotes from profound members of society interjected in between items.

President of GGL Eric Hosin, in his address, reiterated the theme of the ceremony, excellence in action, as he urged all in attendance to push to the fullest potential. "The pursuit of excellence in a continuous journey ... is a habit that we develop and must live by every

day. 'The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential ... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.' - Confucius."

Despite the challenges, Hosin shared GLL's continued committment to excellence as they remain an integral part of education - donations, grants and bursaries - community outreach, health, sports - Gibson relay sponsor and, most recently, the Sunshine Girls.

Guest speaker, former prime minister Percival James Patterson, gave a light-hearted but powerful presentation. "We the people of the Caribbean are renowned for our excellence throughout the years; whether it was Florence Nightingale as a nurse in the Crimean War or John Russworm, who was the first black co-editor of a newspaper in the United States."

Riddled with quotes and the various capacities in which Jamaica has been excelling, Patterson moved the crowd which responded with a standing ovation.

Now onto the big announcement, Branch of the Year went to Trafalgar, Annett Lennon copped Employee of the Year and Claudette Jackson-Rickards was named Insurance Advisor of the Year.