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Jaguar Launches ‘car of the Decade’ XF

Published:Sunday | April 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Kimberly Dawkins and Matthew Cripps cosy up for our lens.
Dr Roger Irvin, speaks to Brian Walsh and Nedita Gibson sales controller about his Jaguar experience.
Matthew Cripps, Group General Manager is in a happy place next to Laurie Samuels (left) and Jheanine Wiggan.
From left: Brian Walsh, head of business Jaguar and Land Rover and Matthew Cripps greet British High Commissioner David Fitton and Hisae Fitton.

Two Saturdays ago, the Palisadoes Race Track, became the launch pad for the 'car of the decade', 2015 Jaguar XF, welcomed by Jaguar ambassadors, clad in fitted black leather jump suits, Lauri Samuels and Jheanine Wiggan.

The ATL team headed by Group's General Manager Matthew Cripps, hosted an exclusive unveiling of a Polaris White and a Rhodium Silver Jaguar XF car, while two black Jaguar XFs were being used for test driving on the Palisadoes Race Track.

The black-chic affair kick-started with EDM mixes by DJ Narity who kept the specially invited guests entertained.

Laughter ensued on the beautifully decorated venue by Main Events as they mingled and partake of the wide variety of hor d'oeuvres included an assortment of cheese - salmon with cream cheese and cucumber, and black pasta in squid, tortillas with black and white beans, grill chicken kebab covered in onions and rice balls with black bean, catered by Jason Delvaille, Gastronomie. Accompanied by a variety of mixed liquors and wines.

Matthew Cripps kicked off the formalities with background information about the new luxury car noting that the new car was a significant piece of his father's legacy. "This is an exciting time for the brand - the Jaguar doesn't just revv, it roars," he said.


grand reveal


The Polaris White 2015 XF Jaguar that was placed in the middle of the raised stage was unveiled when two ladies climbed up two ropes that were hanging directly over the car as it drove off the stage on to the red carpet that was directly in front of the stage. The Rhodium Silver was parked to the left of the stage.

Guests got closer with their gadgets to get pictures of the flawless Jaguar XF sports car. After which patrons got a chance to sit in and later test drive one awaiting on the race track.

Cripps told Outlook that the Jaguar has seen many changes over the past decade years, "The XF is one of their first new luxury Sudan's sports cars ... . It is (one of) the sportiest cars in its class, that included other brands and Jaguar came out on top. The interior of the car is class leading, it has a faux leather dashboard; it's has four-door capping, suede interior. It's a beautiful luxurious sport sedan," he said.

Cripps also said that the company will be launching another car at the end of August to September. "That's the new Jaguar XE, again sporting heritage, it's a smaller version of the Jaguar, and it's to compete in a different market place as in with the premium brands but they will give a sportier appearance to the Jaguar dealership," he concluded.

"The Jaguar is not just a car; it's a lifestyle, when you go into a Jaguar, it becomes a part of you. It's the only car in the market that gives you a 'handshake' and tells you 'hello' when you start the engine," said Andrew Badaloo, Jaguar and Rover sales executive.

He went on to explain that when the car starts, the 'handshake' he refers to represents the gear stick coming up (like a button) and the AC vent pops open, he said the Jaguar is awake and connects to you making you and the Jaguar one.

Among the specially-invited was the British High Commissioner David Fitton.