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A.M. Bush gives up power!

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Architect and soca fanatic Mala Morrison was a sight for sore eyes in this super hero get up before she was shuttled off to party in the bushes.
Heineken Brand Manager Imru James was certainly not spared where paint was concerned when we caught him in the middle of the melee with Stephanie Graham.
Captain America, Donovan Mayne, might have been in the building but it was Wonder Woman, Dr Sara Lawrence who kept rescuing the hearts of soca lovers everywhere during AMBUSH on Saturday at the Caymanas Polo Club.
Graceann Gordon and Donovan Mayne drenched in paint as they flexed their super power muscles.
Guess who? Che Bowen hanging with Sarita Katrawoo at AM Bush.

Caesar's Army A.M. BUSH was once again a hit. The superhero edition themed event, held last Saturday (April 11), saw hundreds of patrons flocking to the Caymanas Polo Club for an early-morning carnival euphoric frenzy in the fields.

Caesar's Army superheroes took over the streets for the second time around for the inaugural event that is the first of its kind to be brought to Jamaica's shores from Trinidad.

Like last year, the superhero clan, all decked out in masks, capes and other superhero paraphernalia, was shuttled from the meeting point to the same location in the fields where several trucks awaited the revellers. As the infectious beats blared across the field, the soca fanatics danced uncontrollably before partaking in the alcoholic libations catered by Smirnoff and Heineken.

After the 2 a.m start time, the desolate farm field local came alive as paint made its debut into the revelry. As 5 a.m rolled around, it was time to take to the streets for the road parade to the breakfast location. The sun lit up the venue, but patrons continued partying until the powder, and then finally water was added to the mix. The mishmash of colours created a beautiful human portrait in the early-morning sunrise. Many thought that the party had reached its pinnacle, but then in walked Machel Montano, who started a high-energy performance that caused massive bouts of 'pandemonium' inside the venue.

The rising sun, music, moving trucks, paint, powder, drinks, breakfast and sheer revelry were all elements of this unique experience that created quite a spectacle for the J'Ouvert party patrons. Patrons were treated to healthy breakfast options, courtesy of CPJ.

A.M.BUSH is an extremely popular and highly anticipated event during Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, and was introduced to Jamaica as an alternative J'Ouvert concept.

Caesar's Army was formed in 2006 by Jules Sobion as a collaborative force with The Julius Caesar Entertainment Company entity. The army began as a means of providing exploration, adventure and intimacy to events and in the Caribbean. Caesar's Army is well known in Trinidad &Tobago for hosting premier events. Included in its line-up are MAI TAI, the Hawaiian-themed megaparty; the one-of-a-kind Caesar's Army Panorama lime during T&T Carnival.