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Making A Marriage Work

Published:Sunday | April 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
... Teamwork is of great importance to your new love.
... Find innovative ways, like 'getaway stay-cations'
... A marriage requires sacrifice, creativity and just the little things to show that you are considering your spouse.

Youthful love is always passionate and energetic, but as time passes, after sharing the initial 'I Dos', things change. Unfortunately, some couples lose the fire which once brought them together.

Today, Outlook shares the story of three couples, joined in holy matrimony under different circumstances, with one goal in mind - keep that flame of love and desire burning to make their unique union work.

So, let's start with our first couple, Shaun and Millie Battick. Married for 26 years. They imparted insightful tools, which have proven to be integral in sustaining their love, "Choosing the right partner from the start, the willingness and readiness to forgive each other, with a fusion of loving, laughter, and sharing affection with each other are what have contributed to the longevity of our marriage," they affirmed. But the most important component for them is a personal relationship with God "It has not been simply our personal human love for each other that has kept us, but the fact that we gave God room to pour into us His indescribable sustaining love," they told Outlook.


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Another journeying down the path to lasting love, Luzanne Palmer, has been happily married to her husband, Gregory, for close to 10 years, and revealed that the major reasons their marriage have worked thus far, is because of communication, comfort, understanding, and maintaining that constant spark.

"We got married early when we were 21, so we have grown together, become comfortable with each other, built our empire, and have accomplished our goals as a unit. So for me, that has had a tremendous impact on making us work," Palmer explained to Outlook. She continued, "He is in the music industry and is always travelling, so I am very understanding, in that regard. Once he travels, he brings back a token of appreciation, which is always welcome because I know they are coming from the heart. We are always in communication, sending random texts to each other, keeping the other in the know, and to add that romance, we are always dating, and when we take a vacation, the location is always a surprise to me, and I love surprises."

From lifelong partners to newlyweds, Brian and Basillia Cuff are seemingly already wise beyond their years, working on their marriage from the moment it began a year ago.

In his posts, March for Marriage, Cuff highlighted a few fundamentals in making his marriage a thriving one. Teamwork is of great importance to their new love, and in a twist, they place God at the head of their marriage. He asserted, "Even though a king may be on top and is a leader, he adds colour to his 'Queen's' life, and he doesn't make her feel insignificant. There is no competition, he knows his role and she knows hers. They compliment and complement each other. "I pray that couples work together to be together, even in and after the stormiest weather, for the family that plays and prays together - can stay together, with God and work."

He also spoke fondly of compromise in their daily routine. "My wife decided to cook a nice meal, and while she cooked, I sat watching basketball. I had dinner served on a platter with a smile and we both enjoyed it over a nice conversation. Afterwards, she told me she'll wash up. I didn't pay her any mind because she did the early work and I considered this my time. I think sharing housework is key. If I allowed her to be burnt out, how do I benefit? How does she benefit? Even if she has no problem, cooking, washing up, cleaning, then being a wife in other aspects, how do I really benefit when she becomes worn out? So I got up and did the dishes. I encourage particularly our men, to play a part in the housework. It only leads to gain."

And in bringing hard work and sacrifice to light, Cuff noted, "What makes marriages work - effort and hard work. It requires sacrifice, creativity and just the little things to show that you are considering your spouse and their well being."

But all work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull couple, so they find innovative ways, like 'getaway stay-cations' to preserve that special bond. On the matter of love, he told Outlook, "Time has a way of changing some things. No matter what, do your best to let the fire remain, to let the butterflies flutter and make your spouse the bread to your butter."