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Beauty of the Bump

Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Elizabeth Sinclair ... I hate taking pictures, and I'm so fat. And I don't know which crazy person talks about the joys of pregnancy, because pregnancy is awful.
Tamara Wynter-Burke ... I embraced both baby bumps within the first trimester of each pregnancy, But more so when I got into the shopping phase. Both for myself and for the babies. I never wanted any of the pregnancies to end, because there was no illness or morning sickness. I was just a happy mommy, enjoying the miracle of being pregnant and of course indulging in the extra attention being given.I must admit I was a very energized pregnant mommy with both of my kids, Ayden who is now 3 years old and Amanda who is 16. Being pregnant with my son though was when I was going and going like an energiser bunny. My photographer encouraged me to do a pregnancy shoot, and being the picture crazy lady I am, I gave in. On the day of shoot with my son Ayden, at about 7 month in my pregnancy I was a burst of energy, totally infused. I swear I didn’t want the shoot to end. It wasn’t the average lying down in a settee or chair kind of a thing. We went Red Hills and into bushes literally. It was quite a memorable moment.
Tamara Madison
Saskia Newton ... When your pregnant, you go throw the phase of feeling extremely uncomfortable, unsexy and gloomy and this picture and photo shoot really put a smile on my face.
Shadaei Osbourne ... The reason for doing the shoot was that she wanted to capture every moment shared with her first child from he was in the womb until he was born and being that I, Davion Forbes, am the God father the took the opportunity to get the photos professionally done, I was assisted by my girlfriend Sasha Gaye Kirlew on this shoot.
Tamara Madison ... My parents are from Jamaica and I wanted to showcase my roots with my unborn child. I was born in Canada and lived here briefly, so I did this shoot.
Shadaei Osbourne
Saskia Newton

EN ROUTE to motherhood, women go through it all, from morning sickness and exhaustion to unsightly stretch marks and, later on, the ankles and other parts of the body becomes swollen. We change in such a way that we can become unrecognisable. But, in the end, it is all worth it – when you feel a kick to say ‘I’m in here’, a sign that you are creating and giving life to a new being. For years, many have shied away from showing off their baby bumps hiding it under baggy clothes, but now things and times have changed, and moms-to-be are now embracing the beauty of the bump. Outlookdecided to celebrate our mothers in a special way by sharing a pictorial of women’s journey to motherhood. As an added bonus, we asked these mothers what inspired them to embrace their baby bump in the art form of a full-blown photo shoot, and what was going through their minds while being photographed. Here is what they had to say