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More Snapshots of Motherhood

Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Tamara Wynter-Burke is sandwiched by her beautiful children Ayden (left) and Amanda.
Elizabeth and Joel Sinclair submerged in the water at Blue Hole at one of the many family trips they take.
Lotthia Roofe and son Amari Shakes"The best thing about being a mom is everything, the unconditional love I get from Amari. The trust he has for me makes me try my endeavour best to be the absolute careful. The joy Amari brings me, the overwhelming love I feel for him, and how I can see myself in him. makes it such a rewarding experience."
Rosannie Hewitt and her little bundle of joy Farrie Montague.
Zauditu Scarlett and her lil man Keyondre.
Khadine Henry warmly embraces her son Konnor.
Angelique Francis and three year old Ethan John.


Rosannie Hewitt


At the time we were taking this photo, I was fulfilled with so much joy knowing I have a little person who is so easy to love, outspoken and looks up to me.

One of the best parts of being a mother is going home everyday and spending time with my little man, who always has something interesting to say or show me that would either make me laugh, or just makes me want to hug and kiss him.