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Snapshots of Motherhood

Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015 | 11:01 PM
Danielle Terrelonge Irons and her daughter Maija Causwell.
Alison Moss-Solomon and her son Jude Zion
Petal Richards and her son Bruce Chambers Jr.
Juliette Dyke shares a special moment with daughter Alexandra.
Natalia Outar with her sons Dylan (left) and Dustin Mohan.

For most women, motherhood is their greatest achievement. And while it’s different for everyone, there is no denying it has its magical moments. In celebration of Mother’s Day, today Outlook brings you Snapshots of Motherhood. Most mothers will tell you that kids grow up way too fast ,and sometimes those moments captured in a photo is all we have to remember for years to come. In our snapshots, the mothers give us an insight into their lives, what was happening the moment the picture was taken, and share with us the joys of motherhood.


Petal Richards

As this photo was snapped, I was thinking how blessed I am, and how good God has been to me and how happy I am to have a family.

For me, the most surprising part of motherhood is how strong the bond between a mother and child is. I've always heard mothers talk about the bond between a mother and child, but it is only now that I am actually experiencing it that I realise how strong that bond really is - how much I love my son and what a blessing it is when you become a mother.

Daniel Terralonge

When we took this picture, all I could think was just how beautiful Maija is. It filled my heart to walk down the beach and see her against the beautiful sunset and I just had to get a picture of how beautiful she looked and the great weekend we were having together.

We have so much fun together, even if its just at home reading our books or dancing around like we are on 'Dancing with the Stars' or just before bed dreaming together of what our future looks like. What is most important is knowing that I have the responsibility to bring her up and lead her into a relationship with God where she recognises her blessings and is always accountable to God in everything.

Juliette Dyke

Dyke's JULAN label is among the stellar roster of collections, which will be presented at Caribbean Fashion Week in June. But outside of her designing responsibilities, she has a bigger one, raising her daughter Alexander.

When I took these photos, I remember thinking how beautiful the scenery was and that she is really enjoying the milkshake, even though she shouldn't be having it - but we all deserve a treat once in a while.

I think motherhood is by far my greatest achievement. Having Alexandra has been a life-altering experience, but one I wouldn't change. There are so many things I love about being a mother - from her reaching her milestones to not having an excuse to act silly. For example, when we are both singing and dancing to Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off". But nothing compares to the unconditional love I feel for my child.

Natalia Oh

The truth is when we were taking this photo, I was thinking the boys better behave so the photographer can capture the best pictures. Working behind the camera has taught me the importance of good lighting and we were pretty close to sundown.

Motherhood has taught me what the true meaning of unconditional love is. What I love the most about being a mother would be watching and hearing my boys play and laugh together. Of course, they also fight - like all boys do, but in the end, they are best friends because of their unbreakable bond. They share similar interests, have a sense of humour and their own individuality - this assures me that I am raising men of the future with character.

Watching my boys hit major milestones in their lives has made me savour every moment I'm with them and it reminds me just how fast time flies. Motherhood has kept me grounded and has forced me to look at the bigger picture in every decision-making process I enter.

Alyson Moss-Solomon

We were at a West Indies cricket match in this photo. As a cricket fan and Jude Zion being a cricket baby (I was pregnant when working my first cricket tour), I try to expose him to the sport whenever I can. He loves 20/20, and has a signed cricket bat in his room.

When that photo was snapped, I was telling my son that he is my crazy little monkey and he says I am crazier. That was our crazy faces.

The best part about being a mother is knowing that there is a piece of you that can become anything they want to be with your guidance. He is really my inspiration - my children's book 'Irie Morning' was inspired by him.