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I love my dad because...

Published:Saturday | June 20, 2015 | 11:05 PM
Four year old Caelen on his dad Ian Gouldbourne: "I love my daddy because he takes good care of me, plays with me and always buys clothes and toys for me."
Terrena Laird-Gouldbourne (left), Danneill Laird, Marc Laird (right) on their father, Fitz Laird.
Carey Anderson and dad.
Six-year-old Joshua Risden and his father Keith.
Walter Brown (right) his father Lloyd and his son Jason.
From left: Dr Douglas McDonald and his daughters Rachael (left) and Laura.
Gynecologist Dr Wendel Guthrie (centre), and his sons, Wayne (left) and Mario.

Carey Anderson

"I Love my dad mom died when I was 12 years old and my father cared for me, and my younger brother and sister. I did not know he had it in him, but he cared for us in almost the same way my mom would have. Sometimes he would help get us ready in the mornings for school, then he would go to work, come home, cook for us and washed our clothes. My father is a very loving and caring man, and I want to say on behalf of my siblings, daddy we love you and happy fathers day"


Walter Brown

"I love my dad because for every aspect of my life experiences I have been able to rely on some advise he had given me to persevere- When you find yourself surrounded by darkness, generate your own light-Lloyd E. Brown."


Joshua Risden

"I love my father because he is always there for me. He gives me whatever I ask for as long as he is able to. He makes my brother Jaleel and I stay up late at nights, and play computer games, on weekends. He comes to my school to look for me and ensure that I am ok and always encourage me to do well in school. I love my daddy and wish that I could just live with him instead of visiting."


Laird children

"We love our dad because he's selfless and strong in so many ways. He's a dreamer who has always inspired us to go after our heart's desire, and he has always been very supportive- there to lift us over and push us through the obstacles we have faced in our lives. If we manage to be only half the parent he has been, then we'll be exceptional."



We love our dad because.....he is one of the kindest, smartest and practical men we know, and he has been an excellent, supportive and cool dad. He is a shining of example of a gentleman, a realist and everything we believe a man should be. We wish him the most amazing Father's Day this year and for years to come."