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I love my dad because...

Published:Sunday | June 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Nicole Levy and her father Clive.
Shaniene Campbell and her father Glen
Senior VP Corporate and Commercial Banking, Scotiabank Craig Mair right and his father.
Georgia Lumley and her father George Scarlett
Yaundeen Wright (centre) with her father Rudyard Williamson and her mother Merline.
Shauna-Gaye Hart and her father Glenroy Clarke on her wedding day.


Nicole Levy

I love my dad because he is my superhero and best friend.


Shaniene Campbell

I love my dad because he is very easy to talk to. We have a very nice rapport. I can always share news with him whether good or bad. And I just think he is the best daddy in the whole wide world.


Craig Mair

I love my dad because of his resilience in the face of personal adversity. Because he is always there for you when things are darkest. And, while sometimes he has a hard time expressing it, truly loves his family.


Georgia Lumley

I love my dad because he has done so much to help make the me who I am today. We hurricane watched (meaning we'd track storms leaving the cost of Africa to the Caribbean and try and figure out who'd guess where they'd end up) - which help me select my career today (disaster management). He taught me to be tough, yet still be a lady, open and honest but always respectful.I have four siblings, and was never asked to be like any of them, but just be me. It was his great influence and love, which helped me select my husband, who fiercely loves our child. I know this is a sad day for many, but I love Fathers Day. Today, I praise and thank my own dad George Scarlett, and my son's dad and my husband, Melville Lumley!"


Yaundeen Wright

"I love my dad because he has always treated me like his princess and took great care of me. My husband had real great shoes to fill when he married me."


Shauna-Gaye Hart

I love my dad because throughout my life, he has consistently shown me what the word 'family' means. Plus he's my snuggle bear whenever I'm home.