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Reimagine, repurpose, reuse

Published:Sunday | September 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker Viola! What a difference some creativity makes. Think outside the box and allow the items to reflect your sense of style.
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker The old and worn dresser before given life.
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker A fresh coat of paint can go a far way in freshen ing up a light fixture and by extention your space.
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker This is no longer an antique seating area thanks to the new life it was given with paint, reupholstering and a throw pillow.
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker The plain white door in need of pizzaz.
Photos courtesy of Karen Booker The updated door after being jazzed up with a modern print fabric.
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Fall asleep next the this only only cosy but modern headborad.
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Bright colours not your style, no problem, a simple geometric fabric ca go a far way in updating.
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Mix traditional with modern by utilising a shade of brown, white, and fabric.
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Feeling blue, add some pizzaz to your chest of drawers, like we did to this one with bright colours, fabric and tacks.

Reimagine, repurpose, reuse

Like most of us, you may be on a budget, but your space looks a little drab. The quickest and most dramatic way to upgrade a room is to reimagine, repurpose and reuse.

DeZign Diva Karen Booker recently flashed her magic wand, injecting character and repurposing lamps, artwork and furnishings - updating the drab to fab.

Booker noted to Outlook, "We are a nation dedicated to the premise of upcycling furnishings based on our generational tradition of hand-me-downs, financial situations, or sentiments. Every time that item is passed on, it becomes new again. We are experts at taking what is old and discarded and breathing new life into it."

So let's begin ... .

Select the old, dilapidated piece you may have stuck in a corner and envision how you will make it blend seamlessly into your space. In other words, how will you create harmony in your space? How will one piece relate to the next? If these questions are not resolved, you will end up with a decor disconnect.

Look at the colours in the room where the item will be placed and decide on the colour, finish and any decorative element that you will be adding. Of course, this is all predicated on how dramatically you want to change the piece.

Preparation is key. For wood furnishings, always sand and prime the surface before applying the finishing colour or stain. If this step is overlooked, you might not get the anticipated result.

The following should be kept in mind as options for creating your masterpiece.

• Upholstery tacks

• Leather

• Fabric

• Spray paint

• Spray stain

The possibilities are endless, and you will never look at what appears to be old and lifeless in the same way again! Take a look at these repurposed, reused and reimaged pieces and get inspired.

Karen Booker,creative director of Karen Booker Design Group and DeZign Diva, can be contacted by calling 931-9556 or emailing