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Lakiana Francis's Health, Home and Garden Blessing

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Lakiana Francis' bedroom after the makeover.
Lakiana Francis' bedroom before the makeover.
A very happy Lakiana Francis.
From left: Lakiana Francis, Joan Henry - branch manager Singer Portmore Mall, and Garet Johnson also of Singer.

Lakiana Francis got the Christmas gift of her life when she won the home make-over at the 2015 Health, Home and Garden Expo.

It was a surprise for Francis, who told Outlook that, initially, she didn't want to attend the expo. She had been a few times before and enjoyed it, but this year she was just feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed.

On the first day of the expo, Francis had classes at the University of Technology in addition to her work in the Registrar department of the University Hospital of the West Indies.

An Education, Business and Computing major, Francis dismissed her reservations and tagged along with her friend. There she decided to enter the bedroom makeover as she felt that it was time to change out the furniture that she grew up with. She was entering a new chapter in her life therefore she needed the change.

Not expecting to win, Francis almost lost her opportunity. "I was having phone issues so they were calling me for awhile. Miss Wint (Fay Wint) had told me that she decided to call me one last time and that was when she got me. But I believe what is for you can't be 'un-yours'," she told Outlook.

She admitted that at first even she thought she was being called for a survey on the event- not to be told that she was the winner. "I really do not like when it comes to Christmas. It is not my favourite holidays but getting this right before the holiday's really lifted my spirit for the season," she told Outlook.

Her fabulous bedroom makeover was completed just intime for Christmas which was not her favourite season. Having lost her mother at the beginning of her first year at University, the last three Christmases have been the time that she missed her the most. Her mother passing was sudden as the result of a blood vessel that erupted in her brain.

She told Outlook that though she was devastated by the lost, what taker her through was how proud her mother was of her.

"She wanted this for me," Francis told Outlook. "Education was really important to her and when I got good grades I knew how proud it made her. That is the only thing I think kept me going, but I still do not know how I really managed through that semester," she admitted.

She received furniture from Singer Jamaica Limited, fabrics from Design Options Limited, Accessories Fontana Pharmacy, flowers from Gorgeous Flowers and soft finishes and interior design by Fay Wint/Nica Interiors.