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Wine and Art Affaire

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Lachu Ramchandani in discussion with Joan
New York-based attorney Percy Clarke and his art aficionado wife, Murine.
Lorraie Mitchell (left) shares a laugh with Heather Ricketts.
Joan Lee (left) has the full attention of Sharron Cunningham (centre) and Sandrene Wiechenberger.
Heather 'Sonjii' Ricketts admiring one of the pieces.
Artists Desmond Morgan (left) and Jason McDonald.
Exclusive Holiday's Odette Dyer and MBJ Airport Rafael Echevarne.
Mark Kerr Jarrett (left) makes a point to Godfrey Dyer.
From left: Barnett Limited's Paula Kerr Jarrett, and her husband Mark, share lens with Esther and Rafael Echevarne Ceo of MBJ Airport Limited.
A piece by Spanish Town based artist Desmond Morgan.
Attorney-at law Courtney Hamilton (left) talks art with Artist Desmond Morgan.
Rosh Ramchandani (left) and Dr Ajay Haity.

The rich, intense flavours of a variety of sauvignon blanc, had the - women who turned out to view the artistic talent of painter, Desmond Morgan, swearing they were tasting a delicious ripe peach.

That's exactly the effect the popular vinos had on the fairer sex, and so one glass after the other was poured at the 'Wine and Art' show displaying the work of the Avon Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine-based artist, who ventured out of his comfort zone to the Second City last Tuesday.

It was days before Christmas, and a good samaritan, opened her fabulous town house at the new 26 Westport in Montego Freeport for the first-time exhibit.

Testing the waters, Morgan showcased only 12 of his pieces, sharing the spotlight with friend, Jason McDonald, whose acrylic on canvas piece 'Natural', had the attention of Jamaican New Yorker and art lover, Murine Clarke. Within hours of sipping a variety of wine and munchies which included delectable tuna fish sandwiches courtesy of Lorraine Mitchell, Clarke's husband Percy had bought the painting of a shapely woman in the nude.

As fabulous as the paintings were, it was the reuniting of old friends, and the tasting of a combination of velvety, full-bodied, inspirational reds that paired the conversations in the right direction.

Morgan's oil-on-canvas landscape pieces were a hit with the intimate group that turned out.

Rosh Ramchandani of Rosh Marketing, provided a number of the wines, while a very pregnant Kim Swaby played the role of crackers and cheese chef.