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What will you change this year? Pt II

Published:Monday | January 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

In last week's article, we introduced a 3-Stage Plan to avoid marking time this year. We dealt with the need to dump the baggage of negative lies that have the power to restrict your progress.

We used the analogy of the need to rewrite the CDs of our lives - removing the crippling negatives and replacing them with empowering prompts. We also highlighted the need to go beyond resolutions and affirmations and to recognise that habits reside at the subconscious level of our minds.

We presented some internal support mechanisms for removing negative baggage and bringing empowering prompts to the fore.

These included fervent believing prayer, visualisation, and empowering why questions.


Stage 2: New perspectives

One hundred metres in 10 seconds appeared to be the limit of human sprinting achievement, until Usain Bolt run 9:58!

We impose similar barriers in aspects of our lives - our possibilities, prospects and opportunities.

It is our vision of what is possible that directs our achievements.



The David and Goliath encounter is a great example of steps one and two of the 3-Stage Plan.

#1: David had to dump the baggage of fear, doubt and discouragement that came from family and even King Saul.

#2: David rejected the accepted approach to battle and applied his own winning strategy. He devised a plan that turned the tables in his favour.

Are you confronting your giant challenges using strategies that work for YOU? Or are you using approaches that virtually guarantee failure? Adjust your perspectives for success this year.



Here is how you address the Stage 2 imperative of exploring new perspectives:

1. Examine what you currently accept as limits to what is possible for you.

How are you defining success? Are there numerical values that would represent outstanding success for you? Are there qualitative achievements that would signal that you have arrived? What are your key goals this year?

2. Take the time to jot down some achievements that would make this year a resounding success for you. Pick any item on your list. (It might be easier to work with one that has numbers or quantities.)

3. Ask yourself whether the values that you have in mind are the equivalent of 9:58 possibilities. Have you allowed your history, resources and what you see in your environment to limit what is possible? Is your preparation appropriate for the expanded goals that are available?

4. Conduct a detailed step-by-step review of the strategies, resources and actions that you have been using. Are they playing to your strengths or holding you back? What adjustments can you make to improve your chances of success?

5. Infuse Bolt and David-like confidence. If your goals are based on your feeling that you do not have the financial resources to go to the next level, visualise what could happen if you had all the money you needed. That opens up 9:58 thinking. Instead of marking time or being confined to marginal changes, you bring a totally different perspective to your aspirations and preparation.

6. Trust your judgement as to what works best for you. Challenge naysayers and their restrictive thinking.

7. Seek new alliances to drive higher levels of achievement. Look for partners with shared interests and develop mutually beneficial linkages.

8. Access new empowering guidance. Investing in learning 9:58 techniques, strategies and mindsets is imperative. Get advice on how to maximise your talents.

For some, the breakthrough this year might come from pulling back. You are consumed by some pursuit - business, family, relationship, career, etc. You are missing the bigger picture. Release yourself from this enslavement and chart a more fulfilling future.

#1. Dump the baggage of negative thoughts.

#2. Recast your perspectives.

Next: Stage 3: Execution.

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