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Pursuing Passion through the Lens

Published:Tuesday | October 13, 2015 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
One of Aaron Fogah's photos.
One of Aaron Fogah's photos.
Aaron Fogah
Norman Wallace
One of Aaron Fogah's photos.
One of Aaron Fogah's photos.

For Aaron Fogah and Norman Wallace Jr, taking a picture means more than capturing a moment - it means creating long and lasting memories in a professional way.

From the small developing community of Old Harbour, St Catherine, these two creative photographers and videographers believe the sky is the limit.

Although they own and operate separate photography and film companies, their passion and drive give them extreme pleasure and satisfaction in creating lasting memories and bringing stories to life, while working together to produce the best service they possibly can.

Fogah's love for photography started at a tender age, where he was always the family photographer. "Whenever I took family photos, I would get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to know that I captured the most beautiful moments," Fogah told Outlook.

Wallace found his passion for the arts in high school.

"I just always wanted to be creative. One day, I got a (film) camera and realised it captured moments, and it was amazing. There was no turning back," Wallace revealed.

According to Fogah, there are things that can only be seen through the lens of a camera, and he sees them whenever he captures anything, including landscapes, wedding or candid shots of everything around him.

"The beauty of my little island, Jamaica, is far beyond what you can see with the naked eyes. It's also about the 'out of many, one people' and their life stories, [and] I am able to freeze time with one clip of my camera."

Fogah could not deny his passion much longer and quit his nine-to-five job three years ago as a photographer working at a studio producing passport-sized and portrait photos - to start his own photography business.

"I enjoyed working at the photo studio. I gained a lot of experience and had some really fun times. However, I wanted to do more, and I needed to be more flexible to accomplish my goals," Fogah said.

Three years ago, the company Fogahstyle Photography and Film was created, and is slowly becoming a household name.

Fogah brings his videography experience to the fore. He told Outlook of his experience while working as a freelance videographer and editor for the community cable channel Community Link Starz TV in 2003.

"I used to video and edit functions, parties, advertisements, seminars and sporting events, then deliver to the cable channel. I was proud of myself and I fell deeper in love with what I was doing." Fogah explained.

Wallace, who never knew his father, was determined to make something of himself.

"My father died a month before I was born, and my mother did her best in raising both me and my older sister, and we turned out pretty well. I have come a far way, and although I am not where I want to be, thank God, I am not where I used to be. I'm OK. I'm on my way," Wallace said with a smile.

Wallace officially started his photography business Norman Wallace Jr Photography and Film in 2009. "I have always wanted to start my own business, and my mother told me I can do anything I set my mind to, and that was to capture a memory that you can have forever in a beautiful and imaginary way," Wallace explained.

Wallace has videography experience shooting music videos as a director, so the transition was seamless.

With a plethora of experience embedded in Fogah and Wallace, they make a great team. The two creative designers who was first known for their poster and business card designing skills, have been friends long before they started working together.

Although they started focusing on their passions at different times in their lives, they see eye to eye with creativity - especially when capturing happy moments such as weddings.

Capturing moments at a wedding is one their favourite jobs.

"We get to experience the joy of a bride's dream coming to life," states Fogah. In the same breath, he recalls one of his most memorable experiences - shooting a wedding in Ocho Rios, "When the groom was getting ready, he took the time to give us a very motivational speech about life and business, I will never forget that moment. My eyes were opened to many things I never paid attention to. With clients like that, I will always continue to do what I do," Fogah told Outlook.

For Wallace, the special moments are when his clients say 'you have completely captured our story in the most beautiful way' and with a smile or tear-filled eyes, say 'thank you'. "People love what I do not only because I am good at it, but because of why I do it, and it's because I love it," Wallace confessed to Outlook.

Wallace said that business has been great: "The growth of both clients and myself is amazing, one thing, it opens up a lot of opportunities to learn, teach, travel and interact with persons in the same profession."