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Digicel cocktails jazz up Second City

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Naz Chilren's Centre's Principal, Alixann Narcisse, Rose Hall Development's Sharon Singh and Vice-principal, Carla Lake.
Melissa and Richard Ferdinand share lens with Eliana Pavlova, vice counsel, Russian Embassy in Spain at a Digicel cocktail and jazz event with the Montego Bay business community at the White Witch Golf Club last Friday night.
From left: Digicel's Trisha Williams-Singh, VIP Attraction's Shelly-Ann Fung and Allison Callam lights up our lens.
From left: Rajesh and Neha Kripalani of Deja Vu, with Montego Bay Convention Centre's Dittie Guise and AMCHAM's Ron McKay.
From left: Digicel's Jason Corrigan, Ian Kerr, Michelle Rollins and Philipp Hofer.
From left: Secrets Resorts' Deryck Meany, Juanita Diaz and Digicel's CEO David Butler at a Digicel cocktail and jazz event with the Montego Bay business community at the White Witch Golf Club.
Knutsford Express' Oliver Townsend (left) has the ears of Digicel's Elon Parkinson.
From left: President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gloria Henry, Digicel's Director of Sales, Darragh Fitzgerald-Selby and director of sales, Montego Bay Convention Centre, Sandra Daley-Francois.


After a long absence of the Digicel power brokers in Montego Bay, the mobile giant seems to have returned to the Second City's social scene.

Last Friday night (January 29), the biggest names in the company, led by Chief Executive Officer David Butler, engaged the Montego Bay business community at cocktails and jazz at the stunning White Witch Golf Club in Rose Hall.

It was probably one of the best gifts the organisation could have given Montegonians who have been having withdrawal symptoms since hearing of the cancellation of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

Music aside, the tune that Butler sang was a welcome one to Montegonians' ears.

He enforced that the company would continue to be the trusted technology partner to the BPO, hotel, attractions and other emerging enterprises. In fact, after 15 years in Jamaica, that 2016 will be a fantastic year for the west was one of the promises.

Butler brought with him Digicel's new director of sales, Darragh Fitzgerald-Selby, long-time faces Jason Corrigan, Trisha Williams Singh and Elon Parkinson, while head of business, west, Joy Clarke played the perfect host.

This event was to say thanks for fuelling the incredible growth in the western end of the island, even while recognising the growth potential that remained untapped.

Talented jazz artist Ruth Brownie provided immensely entertaining music.