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Lanville's nautical celebration

Published:Tuesday | March 22, 2016 | 12:30 PM
Nadia Edwards (left) of General Accident Insurance and Novlet Deann of Environmental Heath Foundation at Lanville 'Sankey' Henry's birthday party last Saturday night at Robin's Bay in St. Mary.
From left: Members of the One Life Crew, Bernadine Simpson, Dr Tunde Moore, Sharon East-Miles, Ann-Marie Hylton and Zoe Summers.
From left: Monte Blake of Merritone music, Barbara Rose, birthday boy Lanville 'Sankey' Henry and Clayton Donaldson of Don-Mark Services.
Stacy Hamilton (left) and Lorraine Green at event.
Barbara Setalsingh (left) and Sonia Francis.
From left: Nicola Taylor, Lorna Ford and Nicole Allen share lens time.
From left: Maurine Capleton and husband Michael share lens time with Grace Tingle and Moira DeLisser at Lanville 'Sankey' Henry's birthday party last Saturday night at Robin's Bay in St. Mary
The birthday boy, Lanville 'Sankey' Henry, flanked by (from left) Violet Wade, Marva Bernard, Carol Dunn-Shaw and Eileen Donaldson last Saturday night at Robin's Bay in St. Mary.
Kamala Johnson and Gordon Edwards dancing up a storm at the event.

After 40 years of hosting his annual birthday party, not even ISSA Boys and Girls' Championships could stop the revellers who chartered buses or booked airline tickets, in support of the Lanville 'Sankey' Henry ritual at Robin's Bay, St Mary.
Hundreds flocked the seaside venue at what has become a marquee event, which was forced to change location twice in order to accommodate the growth.
For 33 of the 40 years, Henry never charged an entry fee, but today, the humanitarian uses the event as a fundraising activity to fund a beach clean-up in the area and provide assistance to a basic school.
It was a proud and extremely satisfied host who strutted the large venue with an enamel mug filled with white rum and coconut water and it was a man who has made his name and has had some of the Corporate Area's influential movers and shakers invading the quiet Robin's Bay.
Merritone's young lion, Craig Ross, Clive Buddho, DJs Edison, Errol formerly of The Rock and Dean, spun hit after hit declaring, yet again, that Jamaica remains the party capital of the world and the inspiration for those who will travel from anywhere in the world to experience the music.
An all-inclusive affair, the myriad of food offerings included curried goat and roti, jerked and stewed pork, escoveitch fish, shrimp pasta, roast beef, jerked chicken, mannish water, and fish soup.
"We have friends from as far as England, Canada and the USA, and as close as Kingston, St Ann, St James, Manchester, and St Mary here for this event," Henry told Outlook, as he posed with long-time friend Monte 'Merritone' Blake.
It is clear that this event will live for years to come, satisfying the soul of those who cherish a great soiree!