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RM Services here for you

Published:Sunday | March 27, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Business owners Rory-Shane and Marsha Watson.

With Easter in full swing, so many are already experiencing a change of scenery just for the season. Getting back into the groove of things come Tuesday morning, however, may prove to be more hectic than that of a regular work week. Well, have no fear, RM Concierge Services is here to help.

Outlook spoke with business owners Rory-Shane and Marsha Watson about their one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial pursuit. The concept of their business, they explained, was born out of the desperate cries of individuals who require assistance in getting things done, "Hearing the angst in people who have to take the time out of their busy schedules to wait hours to get necessary tasks done, we empathised with them as we knew exactly how they felt and decided to fill a void."

They continued, "We also thought of how great it would be to assist professionals who are swamped with work deadlines, mothers who are overwhelmed with soccer practise, ballet and the like or anyone who feels stressed in completing tasks."



Customer service, they say, is in their blood, as they were both flight attendants, so it was not hard to decide on a business of this nature, "Our experience as flight attendants has helped us tremendously. At work, there was a poster someone had put up in the Crew Room that said flight attendants have to fill the role of being a doctor, accountant, psychologist, lawyer, sales representative, and quite a number of other professions. That has always been something that has stayed with us. Since we were considered to wear so many hats, we don't see anything as an obstacle other than ourselves."

Being flight attendants has also helped them to be more organised and enabled them to keep a level head when in stressful situations. They have had to be cognisant of the possibility that an emergency could occur at anytime while providing excellent customer service.

RM Concierge Services offers personal assistance and concierge services which includes scheduling and arranging transportation to your doctor or taking your pets to the vet, assisting with a function you may be having, helping to complete a project. They can also take your motor vehicle to get the fitness or valuation done, get your vehicle aligned and balanced and if needs be and taking your vehicle to have tyres and parts replaced.

"I have had a general public passenger vehicle licence for more than 20 years, so if you need a designated driver for a night of celebrating for trips to the country or if you have family visiting and would like someone who knows how to drive safely on our Jamaican roads, we are available," Watson highlighted.

Being fresh on the scene, they say the feedback so far has been very positive, despite taking off with this business just this year. Throughout the process, those who have helped them along the way include true and dependable friends, Sabrina Evans who designed their logo, attorney-at-law AndrÈ Earle and writer Tanya Shirley, who offered support whenever they needed it. And while they have yet to encounter any obstacle, they intend to face them head on when they arise, trusting in God to guide them.



How does the couple balance this new business with their marriage? They confessed that marriage takes a lot of work for both parties, but since they have always been a team, they know how to make it work, "We have been married for 10 years but have been together for 21 years coming up this summer. We have always been a team and that makes working together that much easier and strengthens the bond between us."

Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is: "If you have a vision and see that your business can fill a gap, we would say "Go for it!" But always remember that "God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV. The only person stopping you from succeeding is yourself. Always endeavour to do everything, honestly and with integrity."

If you want RM Services, then you can contact them via email at or call 1-876-323-3624.