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What gets you up in the mornings?

Published:Sunday | May 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM

What gets you up mornings and keeps you up at night? Nothing? Read on!

Is it your job? If so, are you enjoying or enduring it?

Here is an important question: If finances were not a factor, is there something that could make you get up each morning with enthusiasm?

The reason for these questions is the widespread issue of individuals who are disconnected from their daily reality.

They dread the rising of the sun and yearn for nightfall. There are too many waking hours in their days.

There is a marked absence of enthusiasm at work and there is little motivation to go beyond going through the motions. The problem with this situation is that challenges in one area of our lives often flow over into others. We are not as compartmentalised as we might think. The fact is that workplace malaise seeps into relationships and family life.

Broken relationships, divorce and separation, as well as domestic violence are manifestations of the impact of this aimless drift and disconnect with current careers.

One factor of deep concern is that many persons who are caught in this trap are not even aware of, or concerned about, its negative impact. For many, this is the only work experience that they know. They have never felt connected to any job and assume that this is just the nature of work.

A large percentage of our workforce only show up out of routine or because they have not identified an alternative. Many are intellectually sterile, and others have actually drifted across the line to being actively uncooperative.

Is this situation tolerable? Is there something that can be done to alleviate or correct this unhealthy state of affairs?

I think that early career guidance is a start. Helping young persons to identify their interests and aptitudes could help to steer them to careers with which they are better able to cope and enjoy.

This should involve educational institutions and families working in concert to avoid round-pegs-in-square-holes occurrences.

Another useful intervention would be for employers to improve their screening practices. Poor recruitment and selection practices is a root cause of some of the rampant employee disengagement that is a worldwide phenomenon at this time.

Those recommendations can be readily implemented, as there are value-adding, budget-friendly solutions that are available (send me an email to learn more). At the same time, individuals have to take responsibility for their own lives.

1. Start by spending time in quiet reflection as to what interests you and where your talents lie. We all have some talent that can be developed. What you are passionate about is a guidepost.

2. Take steps to develop skills that are in line with your interests. Stop going along with the tide and gradually reverse the trends. Work to take control of your precious life!

3. If you spend one hour per day during the week and three over the weekend (eight per week), you will be amazed at how much mastery of a skill you can achieve. We have 168 hours each week to achieve our purpose in this life. How are you using yours?

4. Family members have a role to play in motivating and supporting others in navigating the future. They are the ones who notice that a sibling or child has an edge in a particular area. Help them nurture that gift.

Let's start a movement to combat career disconnection and begin putting meaning and passion into what we do. Let's make engagement a watchword as we transform our circumstances through thoughtful action.

Follow your dream and bring it to fruition!

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- Trevor E.S. Smith is a behaviour modification coach with the Success with People Academy which is accredited to offer Professional Development Credits by the Society for Human Resource Management for their CP and SCP certifications.