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Conquering fibroids: Janella Precius

Published:Saturday | May 14, 2016 | 11:04 PMJody-Anne Lawrence
Janella Precius
Janella Precius

It's a well-known fact that women are self-conscious about any weight gain around their midsection. So when Journalist at Television Jamaica Janella Precius saw the increase in her circumference, she was quick to try and rectify whatever was the cause.

She had always been someone who exercised regularly, and ate healthily. But she became more strict with her fitness regime and even began exploring the idea of going vegan. However, the weight gain was not the only abnormality that her body was experiencing.

"In fact I looked pregnant," she recalled to Outlook. She continued, "Plus, I had everlasting and irregular periods. Extremely heavy at times and the pain was unbearable. I was constantly tired. This went on for sometime as I was hoping that it would pass. I think I tried every herb in the book, I even explored being vegan," Precius ended.

But nothing was working so she decided it was time to take medical action. On visiting her doctor, she was advised to do an ultrasound.

"I was instructed by my gynaecologist to do an ultrasound, and there it was, this huge growth in my stomach. There were also a few little one," she told Outlook.

For Precius, this was a relief. There was finally a name to what she had, what was causing her body to function out of whack-fibrods. And there was something she could do about it.

"I was relieved to be quite honest, that I was able to see the source of my discomfort and knowing that I could be healed. Based on the size of the growth, it was a no 'brainier' that my gynaecologist suggested I have it removed," Precius said.

She immediately started to do her research on uterine fibroid, as she wanted to have all the necessary information about what was happening to her. She did not realise how many women had it, yet it appeared to be a taboo topic. She also went to a symposium held by Caribbean Events headed by Lisa-Ann O'Gilvie that addressed some of the issues surrounding the illness.

Precius felt even more comfortable going ahead with her surgery which was a success.

Now that the pain and discomfort is behind her, her only major lifestyle change is taking her annual doctor's visit more seriously.

"I take my regular visits to the doctor more seriously now. I encourage all women to get regular check ups. Please don't delay -- if you feel an unusual pain or notice any changes to your body," she implored.

Up to her last check up she remained fibroid free and while she knows that a recurrence is possible she is hoping for the best.