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Cure for painful sex

Published:Sunday | May 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q Doc, when I was in my 20s, I really enjoyed sex. But in my 30s, it has become difficult and rather painful. My husband is not enjoying it either, because he feels that I'm too dry.

Earlier this year, I was visiting a friend in the United States, and I went to see a gynaecologist there. She examined me, and then prescribed some hormone cream. Unfortunately, there was not much time to talk, so I never found out what she thought was wrong with me, or why she was giving me the cream.

But the results were marvellous. Within a few days, I felt much better in that area of my body. Everything suddenly seemed much softer and moister.

In fact, I will tell you something which may shock you, doctor. While I was there, I actually had a brief affair with a charming American lawyer - and it went very well. There was no pain or discomfort. I only tell you this in the strictest confidence.

Now I have returned home, and I am happy to say that sex with my husband is going fabulous as well - better than it has been for years. He is very pleased.

So I will continue to use this magic cream! Just two medical questions, doctor:

1. What do you think was wrong with me?

2. Can this 'magical cream' have any bad effects?

A Well, I am very pleased to hear that everything is going better. However, I am advising you to beware in case you picked up any infection/germs from that 'charming lawyer.' If in doubt, please see a doctor for some tests.

What was wrong with you? It is clear that you have been suffering from a deficiency of female hormones. The result of that is usually dryness and soreness in the vaginal area - with result in discomfort during sex.

I do not know why you have this deficiency. That condition is quite rare for women in their 30s, though more common in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It is possible that you are experiencing early menopause.

Ideally, you should see a gynaecologist here in Jamaica, and let her sort that out. She might want to test your blood oestrogen (female hormone) levels.

Anyway, what has happened is that the hormone cream which you were prescribed in the United States has replenished your genital hormone levels, and made your vagina once again youthful in appearance and feel - so that is good.

There are quite a few hormone-containing products, including vaginal cream, vaginal tablets, and vaginal rings. They are remarkably safe, except for women with certain conditions - such as breast cancer. But once you are on one of these products, you should stay on it - otherwise the symptoms will return.

Also, anyone who is using such a product should have a check-up from a doctor periodically to make sure all is well.

Finally, please bear in mind that there is a small risk that the female hormone can get transferred to your male partner during sex. That can make him develop small breasts! So do not insert the cream (or any other hormone product) immediately before you have intercourse.


Generic Viagra


Q Good day, Doc, I have been on Viagra for some time and it works very well. But a friend of mine has told me that I should try something called 'sildenafil' instead.

What do you think?

A Well, sildenafil is exactly the same thing as Viagra. It is just the 'unbranded' name.

It might be a little cheaper. But otherwise there would be no point in switching.


Can I get pregnant while pregnant?


Q Doctor, is it possible to get pregnant again when you are already pregnant?

You see I am expecting my husband's child - it was conceived when we had sex around two months ago.

But unfortunately last week I let an insurance salesman sweet-talk his way into bed with me. We did not use any protection, as he said it was not necessary since I was already pregnant.

But the next day I confided in my best friend, and she told me that she had heard of cases in which a pregnant wife conceived another man's baby while cheating on her husband.

So is this really possible? I am now worried.

A I expect you are. Cases of 'second pregnancy' do very rarely occur. It is a condition which is known medically as 'superfetation.' You can check out that word on Wikipedia if you like. But according to all relevant medical texts, it is incredibly rare.

So honestly, I think that the chances that you might have a second baby by the insurance salesman are very remote. However, I suggest that you take great care to avoid any further extramarital affairs.

Please remember that if a pregnant woman has casual sex, that can sometimes cause an infection that might affect the baby.


What is intertrigo?


Q As a healthy 28-year-old man, I have been very surprised to find itchy, scaly patches on the skin between my legs, next to my scrotum.

I have just been to a doctor, who diagnosed this as something called 'intertrigo.' But what is this doctor? Is it some form of VD - which I might have picked up on a recent trip to Montego Bay?

A No, it isn't. A lot of men (and some women), get intertrigo. It is an inflammation of the skin, made worse by heat and moisture. Because Jamaica is a warm country, intertrigo is pretty common.

In many cases, the inflammation is made worse by skin infection - particularly with fungi. It is likely that your doctor has given you some anti-fungal cream, and you should use that regularly until the problem is completely gone.

Also, very important, you must try very hard to keep the area between your legs very dry. Whenever you have a shower or a swim, you must dry yourself very thoroughly 'down there.' In fact, everyone should do that!

Incidentally, there is not much risk of passing intertrigo to your sex partner. But she should be on the lookout for any itching or 'scaling' between her thighs.


Unexplained vaginal bleeding


Q For the last three months, I have been losing blood around halfway between my menses. Does this matter, Doc?

A Yes! Unexplained vaginal bleeding between periods is a potentially serious symptom. It may be nothing, but it could be due to one of several forms of gynaecological cancer.

Therefore, you must see a doctor right away, and take an internal examination and a 'Pap smear' test. Good luck.


Will too much sex cause prostate cancer?


Q Doc, is prostate cancer caused from sex, as I have heard? I have had a lot during my life.

A No, sex does not cause cancer of the prostate. There is even some evidence that men who have had active sex lives are less likely to get it. So you can stop worrying.