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International Mecca of style Excites

Published:Sunday | June 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Max Brown Limited dapper collection.
Kejuana Barnaby collection.
Andre Shirley's collection rocked the runway.
A breathtaking tropical dress from Cochen.
A piece fom Simone McGowan's collection.
A beautiful Heather Laine piece.
Guadeloupean designer Ayden's line, Glam Ethnic.
Kadian Nicely design.
A piece from Bahamian designer Kejuana Benaby.

Sitting on top of the world, fashionistas were taken to new heights last Saturday night as they were treated to a first-class sartorial journey, courtesy of 11 of the Caribbean's top designers.

The night dubbed International Mecca of Style, was part of Saint International's Style Week. The designers, showcased their 2017 Spring/Summer collections against an all-white backdrop, splashed with slivers of silver. Snapchat and Instagram dominated the space, as those in attendance spread the word via social media of what was hot and what was not.

Stealing the night was Simone McGowan's Marilyn Simone Collection - obviously inspired by the late Hollywood icon Marilyn Munroe. Harking back to old Hollywood glam with a modern twist, she incorporated the Caribbean's flair for colours and print, and proved to be a cut above the rest.

In a night splattered with collections of varying colours, some bordering on gaudy, Tasha Gordon's pieces distinguished itself as being more cohesive. Her flowing and flirty dresses could become a staple in any woman's closet.

The finish of the line by veteran designers Heather Laine, showed her professionalism and eye for detail. Cochen's line, inspired by birds, fused elegant and sporty, while oozing effervescence, and putting a trending spin on the tropical tie and dye, on a tropical oasis of prints.

Part of the Caribbean contingent, Guadeloupean designer Ayden pulled out all the stops with her glam ethnic line, showing her love for her ethnicity and territorial cultures, with a glimpse into the cosmopolitan while staying true to her roots. Bahamian Kejuana Benaby took us on a fashionable fast track to summer, toying with patterns and prints.

Kings Collection added a certain level of mystique into the mix with a Mardi gras theme complete with masks, elevating the looks from ready-to-wear to avant garde.

Jay-Ann O'Conner explored the pure side of life with Pura Vida - a breezy yet cool all white collection. Max Brown Limited presented a smooth men's formal cuts, while Andre Shirley who opted for coed line, disappointed a few when they only presented one female design in a sea of men's wear.

The night closed with a bang, as University of the West Indies graduate and former model Kadian Nicely, showed off her design skills, presenting not one but two models, contrasting sassy spring with sunny summer.

Among specially invited guests were representatives from Elite Paris, Why Not Models from Milan, Vogue Italy, American Vogue,, Wendy William's stylist, Memsor, and many others. All in all, International Mecca of Style had everyone buzzing with excitement for Spring/Summer 2017.