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Pulse's Gucci Girl here for CFW

Published:Sunday | June 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Alicia Burke
Alicia Burke

Pulse's Alicia Burke is now a Gucci girl. To say that Pulse's new star is hot, would be an understatement. To say that history keeps repeating itself would not only be true, it would also be uncanny.

Alicia has been shooting major assignment after major assignment throughout Europe almost daily. Since she burst on to the international scene last November, she has set the fashion markets ablaze. As if 12 pages of French Vogue and seven pages of Harper's Bazaar (both single-girl stories) were not enough, Alicia is now a Gucci girl, stepping on to the runway for the iconic brand last week in London.

However, her Gucci romance is not just a one-day affair, as Gucci has now booked or optioned her for everything from its look book (shooting in Paris) to its men's show (in Milan), with its new campaigns beckoning from the horizon.

How history repeats itself!

Consider this: Pulse superstar Nadine Willis shoots French Vogue (10 pages with a story, by herself), within two weeks of starting her international career, in 2002. Fourteen years later, Alicia shoots French Vogue (12 pages, by herself), within a month of starting her international career, in 2015. Nadine shoots with ace photographer Mario Testino, who subsequently books her for Gucci, Alicia shoots with superstar photographer David Simms, who puts her on an exclusive for other editions of Vogue and fashion campaigns. Nadine goes on to shoot Gucci, hailed by CNN as one of the 15 commercials that changed the ad world, and Alicia is now shooting for multiple Gucci media, as well as churning runway.


Second-fastest rising star


Alicia is now officially the second-fastest rising international star from the Caribbean, shooting French Vogue a month after starting her career. Nadine accomplished this feat in two weeks, which makes her the fastest rising ever.

In the time since French Vogue at the start of the year and this week (which finds Alicia in Jamaica for CFW), the Pulse Model Search winner has undertaken assignments for Prada, 1883, Top Shop, Vivienne Westwood, Bottega Veneta, Benetton, I-D, The Sunday Times, Me & Em, Lesley Goring, J. JS Lee, Theory with David Simms, Azzedine AlaÔa, and Harper's Bazaar.

Alicia is thrilled to be home as she not only gets to walk the CFW runway for the first time as a bona fide international star, but she also gets to meet her latest sibling, who was born while she was away working in Europe. Several attempts to come home to meet her sister were thwarted by the constant slew of new assignments which kept her away.

The Bullet Tree native from Old Harbour, St Catherine, could not be happier, and thanks God that she is so blessed.

Interestingly, Alicia predicted this success when she won the CMS TV Reality show in 2015, saying that she felt she would be the next big thing from the Caribbean, once she hit the international market. She was absolutely right.