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What my father taught me

Published:Sunday | June 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Wendell Francis and his father Wendell.
Jamila Fraser and her father, Carlton.
Krista-Ramone Trowers and her father Newton.
Angella Bolton-Trowers and her father, Edward.
Nailah Asabi Henry and her father Philip.
From left: Oren and Adiel Thomas with their father, Owen.

Fathers play a major role in raising children. It's amazing how much difference the presence of a father makes in a child's life and how they form future relationships. Throughout a child's  life, their fathers are the ones who teach them life lessons. Today,  to celebrate Father's Day, our readers share with us some of the most important lessons their fathers have taught them.


 My dad Newton taught me so much not only by words but by his actions. In the past 22 years he has taught me so much about what it means to know true love. He has taught me to be willing to ask questions, and gain knowledge everywhere I go.

He has taught me to put my all in everything I do, not caring about recognition or applause. He has ensured that I value myself and know what I deserve in life, never accepting less. My Dad has a playful and jovial side, and has taught me to laugh at myself by showing me a lighter side to every dilemma. He has also taught me that no matter what happens in life, God has a plan and no matter how far we may fall, we will always get back up again. I am thankful for my Dad everyday and I love him endlessly.

Krista-Ramone Trowers- 22


My father, Owen taught me many things, but the most important was balance. I have never seen anyone work as hard as him. Though he is always working, he still manages to play with my brother, Oren and I. We would play fight and kick ball. But what I love the most is the family trips we take to spend time with each other, even to this day. My dad means a lot to us, he has taught my brother and I what it means to put others first. He has put us first in all circumstances in his life. We will carry these lessons with us through our lifetimes.

Adiel and Oren Thomas- 26 & 20

I love and cherish my father, Philip. My father is an artist and so he has always had a very colourful way of teaching me and my sisters our life lessons. The most important lesson my father had taught me is the craft of love — how to love and the meaning of unconditional love. He has also taught me that love has many different shades and dynamics. He taught me never to judge and to cherish family, likewise family time. His favourite poem is Desiderata and to me that sums up to me what he has taught me and the way he lives his life, way before he even discovered the poem.

Nailah Asabi Henry- 24

Even though he was abandoned by his father, my father stood by his family. Alongside my mom he made sure we learnt what family means. Now that I have a son of my own, I look at my dad as the best example of what it means to be a father -a bit cliché, but he taught me how to ride a bicycle. Even after battling a rare disease and losing his sight, the knowledge he is able to impart on me and his grandson is priceless. He continues to be one of my main pillars of support. I love you dad.

Wendell Francis- 29

The qualities my father, Edward imparted to me have stayed with me throughout my life and given me the strength to be the best me.

He has taught me to always find strength within myself, to be independent, to stand up for what I believe, to make the next generation's life better than mine by working hard. And most of all -believing that I too can anything. The greatest lesson he has taught me was that despite circumstances, make the most of any situation, and be grateful for what I have. He may not be perfect but he was made perfectly to be my dad. I look up to him so much even in the adversity of being paralysed. I am so proud of his determination to achieve so much. Thank you daddy and I love you dearly.

Angella Bolton-Trowers-  43

My father Carlton has taught me that education is key. No one can ever take my knowledge away from me. He has such a good heart and his heart has taught me how to love and work hard.

Jamila Fraser- 26