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I just knew you were the one

Published:Sunday | July 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Newton and Pauline Trowers on the day they tied the knot 25 years ago.
Newton and Pauline Trowers are full of joy at their daughter's university graduation.
Bryan and Kelly-Ann Kissoon
Newton and Pauline enjoyed each other's company on a cruise.

Every couple's love story normally features some special moments - the first date, the first kiss, the first fight, and, of course, the moment you knew it was real love. But how exactly do couples go from "in love" to "I do"? From couples who instantly knew they had met the love of their lives, to others who waited and watched as their love grow, today Outlook share with you their love stories.

Twenty-nine-year-old Bryan Kissoon has been with the love of his life, Kelly-Ann, for nine years. Married for four, he shared with Outlook that besides being the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on, his 'I knew' moment happened when they broke up for a year and dated other people. Though he was meeting nice women, he admitted that he was missing the strong and highly motivated woman Kelly was. At that point, he knew, "I had to get back my girl".

He continued, "After she decided to give me another chance, I was determined to be the best man for her. Though she has a firm personality, her loyalty, love for family, and determination, made me humble and committed to our love and relationship. My wife showed me how to love, and motivated me to be the best me. She is my perfect coach and that is how I knew she was the one."

However, for 47-year-old, Pauline Thaxter, it was not one of those "I just knew" moments - but moments that grew immensely over the years. She met Newton Trowers while in high school and was first impressed by his respect of her choice to not date while in school. After he waited for almost four years, she was struck by his patience.

"Patience is one of the characteristics of love, and I figured that this surely was a positive signal for any relationship. He would surprise me every day with special acts of kindness and was my biggest cheerleader. We spent quality time together talking, laughing, and doing the little things that may not seem like much, but was very impactful. He wasn't afraid of commitment, and said "I love you" as often as he could, expressing his desire to spend the rest of his life with me, yet never pressuring me to become intimate before I was ready," Trowers expressed.

She continued, "I saw how he was with children (I had to care for my nieces and nephew) he readily included them in our activities and was very attentive and loving to them. I also saw how much he loved and respected his parents and siblings, and was especially loving and overprotective of his sisters, though most were older than he. It wasn't difficult to finally decide that he was the one. And though we did not get the blessings of my parents, we stuck together with a love that has grown with each passing year." The two have now been married for 25 years.

We reached out to other readers who shared the moment they knew they would marry their significant other.

I knew he was special the moment I saw him. We instantly clicked like we were old friends. After a year, we were engaged! I always thought people in my situation were nuts - I mean, how could you meet someone and know you want to spend the rest of your life with them in such a short amount of time? Well, I just knew! I know I'm the lucky one. He surprises me everyday with his kindness, acts of selflessness, and his huge heart."

- Chenica Brooks, 37, married for five years.


We were very close friends in university, and in the time we spent together, her flaws were not flaws in my eyes. She was such a beauty, not only on the outside but on the inside. With her magnificent personality, I just knew she was the one as she took the time to get to know me and didn't judge me based on my decisions and experiences I shared with her about my past. She became a light in my life through her kindness and her determination to be a partner to me. She is my ride or die.

- Devrhoid Eastwood, 30, married for three years.


I knew he was the one because I prayed for specific qualities and as I got to know him they were all revealed to me. There was something unique about the love I felt for him because I didn't love him at first or second sight - I grew to love him. We have so many values and other things in common. They say opposites attract but that's only for a time, for me similarities attract.

- Vanessa, Milton, 26, married for six years.


He'd been helping me supervise some construction work on a rental property, and we needed to go to the hardware store. But he noticed that my feet were dirty, and just like that he got a wet rag and wiped them off. That act of kindness cemented in my mind that he was definitely the one for me.

- Rohena Hamilton, 30, married for two years.