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'The Making of Modern Jamaica' off to a good start

Published:Sunday | July 10, 2016 | 12:50 AM
Portia Simpson Miller (left) along with Pearnel Charles (right) is gifted by Arnold Bertram with his book.
Lady Rheima Hall is all smiles with MP for South St Andrew, Omar Davies as they pause for a quick photo op.
Portia Simpson Miller (left) embraces little Joshua Bertram (center) as his grandfather, Arnold looks on.
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Wykeham McNeil (second right) came out in support with his wife, Sheila (second left), son Jordan (left) and mother Valerie.
Ambassador Madge Barrett (left) cozies up with her husband, Arthur.
From left: Percival James Patterson, Claire Bertram, Portia Simpson Miller, Carlton Davis, and Omar Davies all scan through the pages.
The lovely, Kari Douglas looks like a sweetheart in this classy ensemble.
Lady Rheima Hall is all smiles with Richard Bertram.

Entering into the Blue Mountain Suite of the Knutsford Court Hotel, last Sunday night, you could feel the pride and support filling the air. It was a force so strong that as the anticipation grew, government officials and well wishers could not wait to see the unveiling of N.W Manley and The Making of Modern Jamaica, written by Arnold Bertram.

The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund along with the Airport Authority of Jamaica saw it critical to host the launch of a book they believe will educate and bring perspective to the citizens of Jamaica.

With the accomplished work of Norman Washington Manley to the Country’s well being, the night kick started with a hymn of the early National Movement Jamaica Glorious Homeland and handed over to the humorous master of ceremonies, Trevor Munroe.

Words from the granddaughter of Manley, Rachel Manley, was a beautiful addition to the night as it left guests excited about the read. She emphasised the research and depth that was put into the book and how impressed she was that many strands of what Jamaicans are today was embraced. 

Minister Peter Phillips revisited N.W. Manley’s economic revolution and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pearnel Charles took guests down memory lane as he spoke of his experiences with Alexander Bustamante.

Keynote speaker for the night, former prime minister, Percival James Patterson highlighted Manley’s national project and spoke of the hero’s lessons and challenges. He noted that Norman Manley was born to create history and though the book that was brilliantly written by Bertram was long in the making, it was certainly worth the wait.

The author, Bertram in his response gifted copies to the persons who helped him immensely throughout the creation of his book. After, guests made their way to purchase their copy while others dispersed to the food stations to indulged in a choice of exquisite foods and drinks.