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Dropping legs for charity

Published:Sunday | July 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Members of the Wallace clan were hosts of the Negril Chamber of Commerce’s International Food and Wine Event. From left: Matthew, Brian, Richard, Seon, Manley and six-year-old Luke (foreground).
Jackie Lewis of Jackies on the Reef, has the attention of Negril Chamber of Commerce President, Lee Issa.
Negril Chamber of Commerce members pose with Grace Foods US Senior Vice President for Manufacturing, E. Carl Barnett.
Interior designer, Cecile Levee danced up a storm.
Sophie Grizzle and Lee Issa decided to shell the dance floor.


Scores of white-clad Westmorelites and Hanoverians turned out for the Negril Chamber of Commerce's International Food and Wine event, at the Boardwallk Village in Negril on Saturday, July 2, 2016.

The soiree was the brainchild of proprietor of the Boardwalk Village, Richard Wallace, who is also a director of the Negril Chamber of Commerce. It was held as a fundraiser for charities that the chamber supports within the resort town and its outlying communities.

"It was a great success. Everybody is raving ... and everybody wants it to be held again. Some want it once a year; some want it twice a year. Every six months could be good. Summer and winter we could do it," Wallace said.

"It is said that for something like this, we could include our tourists because it is a great (event) that they could experience as part of the tourism product," he added.

There were five hotels providing five different cuisines from different regions of the world including, of course, Jamaican food, all of which were complemented with selections of Hardy's Wines from Australia, including Merlot, Moscato, and Chardonnay, courtesy of Select Brands.

With Hedonism II resort's culinary troops marshalling the Indian booth, guests were able to enjoy a delectable frozen cheesecake with banana and clove topping; vegetable tempura, shrimp, chicken and paelea pan-prepared roti.

Rockhouse Resort's Pushcart Restaurant, cooked up a Jamaican cuisine storm, offering spicy gizzadas, blue drawers, jerk chicken, saltfish fritters, and escoveitched fish, while Sandals and Beaches Resorts took patrons on a journey to Italy with their lasagne, bologna, cheese ravioli, and tiramisu, even as Azuli Sensatori racked up tacos and Couples Negril offered Greek/Mediterranean cuisine.

The food, wine, and friendly atmosphere coupled with the sound of Reggae music and other Caribbean beats, wafting through the summer night, apparently pulled several chamber members, led by president Lee Issa, to the dance floor, where they "dropped legs" in fine Jamaican style much to the delight of the patrons, on a night which everyone concluded was well spent.