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JPS fetes top clients

Published:Sunday | July 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Shackoya McIntosh (left) and Veronique Beckford-Scott see eye to eye with colour coordination.
Stella Ebanks-Rhichards' bold stripe dress stands out next to Dalmar Campbell.
From left: Kenny Wilkinson, Aulene Brown and Steve Lawrence are all smiles.
Maritha is comfy in the arms of hubby Rolando Miravette.
Winston Prendergast (left) and Gary Barrow listen keenly to KellyTomblin, CEO and president of JPS.
Jeanelle Weddell (left) is having a whale of a time with Trudi-Ann Collins.
Vivia Lysaith-Cunningham is happily sandwiched by Milton Elliot and Frank Sondern.
Audrey Williams is quite happy between Curtis Thomas (left) and Hugh Garvey.
Donald Martin and Simoneese Williams are all smiles for a quick snap.


Kelly Tomblin, T'Shura Gibbs, Sheree Martin, and the men who match their standards at the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), hosted the Montego Bay business community at what was tagged a soiree last Thursday night.

The female-led team planned a power reception introducing the idea of a smart city to several members of the tourism industry, the banking sector, and other areas of commerce at the fabulous White Witch Golf Course in Rose Hall.

The night was not about hitting golf balls, as the rounds served up by the JPS team included Vodka, red and white rum, and a series of wines complemented by a tasty menu of dishes prepared on site.

The dress code said 'business casual', but that was only for the men. The women wore eye-catching pieces differentiating themselves from their male counterparts. But alas! It really wasn't about either the food or the clothes, it was about being smart at a time when, for the first time in 100 years, there has been much advancement in energy technology in energy.

In fact, Tomblin came to Montego Bay to introduce the idea of a smart home, which she says is just the next step.

The Second City has been selected for the pilot project and if JPS has its own way, those who forget to turn off appliances and electricity will be able to do so by the click of a switch wherever they are.

"We at the JPS have four key components of the next chapter of energy one of which we talk about all the time, which is fuel diversity. The second pillar is smart grid and smarter everything, so a smart home is the home that has appliances, lighting, mobile apps, and a smart metre that allows you to do a number of things. It allows you to be able to monitor energy use. If you leave your home and you drive away (and) forget to turn off your air conditioner, it allows you to see what's going on in your house. You say, oh I forgot to turn off my air conditioner, (it) turns things off and on remotely," explained Tomblin.

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