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For Women To Women- Empowerment Brunch Inspires

Published:Sunday | July 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Saneka Irving-Nelson (left), financial solutions adviser of JMMB Merchant Bank, shares a photo op with Kelly Tomblin, chief executive officer of Jamaica Public Service, at the For Women to Women empowerment brunch.
Krystal Tomlinson (left) and Chereese Lavonne Ricketts are all smiles at the For Women to Women empowerment brunch.
From left: Ann Marie Chambers, Saneka Irving-Nelson, Shenee Tabannah and Carmalethia Fagan are all about a selfie.
Celebrating the joy of sisterhood are (from left): Kelly Tomblin, chief executive officer of Jamaica Public Service; Johnnel Smith, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2010; Chereese Ricketts, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2015; Krystal Tomlinson, public relations and engagement manager, Digicel Foundation Jamaica; and Mariame McIntosh-Robinson, chief executive officer, First Global Bank.
From left: Terri-Karelle Reid, brand manager of Gleaner Online; Rushell Ferarah of Annibis Licensing Authority; Carey-Lee Dixon, founder of For Women to Women; and Saneka Irving-Nelson, financial solutions adviser of JMMB.

Love, tears and words of inspiration filled the Blue Mountain Suite at the Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston, last Sunday morning, as For Women to Women hosted an empowerment brunch.

The organisation that encourages unity and love among women made it a Sunday like no other, with a diverse group coming out to network in a comfortable, open forum. Founded by Carey-Lee Dixon, For Women to Women is a growing force for purpose-driven, career-oriented and entrepreneurial women in their mid-20s to 30s.

The morning's event started out with breakfast by JMMB, before transitioning into the formalities led by the afternoon's moderator - 2015 Festival Queen Chereese Lavonne Ricketts.

Ricketts asked attendees to write on a piece of paper an insecurity they have and drop the paper in a bag that was passed around the room. She then asked those present to close their eyes as she read some of the insecurities. This exercise showed that women shared many insecurities, and it was pointed out that they could help each other to conquer them.




On the topic of 'Power of Self into Sisterhood', panellists Krystal Tomlinson, Monique Kennedy and Kemesha Kelly shared what power of self means to them.

"Power of self means to appreciate me, flaws and all. I look at my weaknesses and areas that need improvement and work towards being the best me. Before having good relationships and empowering others, you must be first comfortable with you," said Kelly.

She also advised the women to consider their friends. "If you can't be vulnerable and open with your friends, leave them. Your friends must be able to lift your mood and spirit."

Tomlinson agreed. "I choose my friends based on their energy, how I see them behave and speak about themselves and others," she said.

The three women stressed that women should not 'make themselves small' for anyone.




After the discussion, it was time for keynote speaker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica Public Service Kelly Tomblin, to inspire the women to embrace self. Tomblin, who showed nothing but heart and passion during her presentation, highlighted some powerful quotes that focused on strength and courage in self. She shared inspirational stories of how she got to where she is, and noted that how you see yourself should be what matters most.

"Everyone has a prison. The prison of not being good enough, all the things we use to stop ourselves from growing. You must stand in your commitment as we are never done doing our work. You must manifest in your destiny, reprogramme your thoughts and know that a miracle is waiting for you," Tomblin noted.

"If you let someone tell your story to you, you're going to be limited," she said. To end her presentation, she showed a clip of inspirational women around the world and the adversities they have overcome. This left some women in tears.

Chief Executive Officer of First Global Bank Mariame McIntosh-Robinson and former Miss Jamaica World and brand manager of Gleaner Online, Terri-Karelle Reid, joined Tomblin for a panel discussion on cultivating relationships, influencing change and positioning for success.

Said Reid: "Nothing is wrong with having one friend. I believe in quality over quantity any day as my relationships should be consistent and of substance."

Tomblin also spoke about the importance of taking risks. "Fear keeps us bounded, so when you realise you fear something, tackle it because more than likely it will push you past your limit and lead you to success. Anytime I fear something, I tackle it little by little, one step at a time," she shared.