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Father-Daughter relationships

Published:Sunday | August 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

There is no doubt that a girl's relationship with her father has a tremendous impact on her later in life.

Relationship specialist and sexologist, Dr Sidney McGill, said that the father-daughter relationship has significant impact not only on a woman's choice of a mate, but also on her personal development and her attitude towards men in general.

The absence of that relationship also greatly impacts a woman.

"The absence of a father or father figure does affect her relationship choices. She may be fascinated by men but has little in-depth experience of how this gender generally handles intimate relationships," he explained.

A young woman is also impacted by the way in which her parents relate to each other. Dr McGill said that if their relationship is hostile, then the child could become hesitant to enter into long-term relationships. Even if she does commit, she may be hypervigilant, constantly looking for similar patterns to her parents' relationship.

A woman who has a solid relationship with her well-adjusted father might find herself seeking a mate with qualities similar to her father's.

"Since a good father, bad father or no father at all has a profound impact on the child's psychosexual development, all current and future relationships are affected," states Dr McGill.